Must Features Telemedicine Applications in India

Must Features Telemedicine Applications in India
20 Nov 2020

Telemedicine-Surpassing the Distance Gap in Clinical Services

The best rollout of digital advancements in the healthcare regime is undoubtedly the Telemedicine platform. The flexible health monitoring solutions for the patient suffering from chronic diseases or physically challenged to give a visit are being helped with savings in time and money, are helping them with round the clock access to their doctors from their desired location only.

Where the telemedicine feature has developed the opportunity for a hassle-free interaction between a doctor and patient, the rising demand and popularity have also forged the investment avenue with several big names involved in the creation of these Telehealth related amenities.

The Primary Need to Develop a Telemedicine Application

An international survey by C2 Solutions claimed that more than 3/4th of the hospital/clinic visits of 2017 in the USA were very basic which could have been conducted on phone only. Another survey concluded that instead of talking and giving a visit to the doctor, 73% wanted to give a text message while 79% wished to receive the message from their physician.

These statistics played a vital role in the creation of the Telehealth segment as it offers the following amazing benefits.

1. Real-time consultation saving lots of time and travel spending of the patient:
To book a virtual visit the patient is required to go through a questionnaire related to the symptoms and finalize the doctor from the list of specialists there. After getting an appointment one can get a real-time session with that doctor without fretting about the travel to the clinic. Moreover, the e-prescription when forwarded to a pharmacy have lesser chances of manual errors, misinterpretation of the writing and if any confusion is arising then direct communication can be established anytime with the physician and the suspicion can be cleared any moment.

2. Consultation through a doctor:
Photos and videos based consultations allow the doctor to remotely diagnose the patient based on the questionnaire and the images attached. The symptoms and the pic help in easily analyzing the simple problems and the required treatment plan are interpreted on the application. It enables the doctors to cater to large demographic needs and also reduces the infrastructural requirements for them. In place of installing a large clinic, they can also simply treat the patients on mobile applications or computer software.

Medibrandox allows the secured end-to-end encryption in the calls, report file transfer, and the prescription provided for foolproof security in the whole process.

3. Easy Specialist referral:
This service includes a specialist supporting a general healthcare physician in the diagnosis process. Contacting and getting specialists is generally a difficult task and such services are mostly sought at the request of a general practitioner. Earlier this used to be a daunting task and going to the specialist mostly required a long journey to a large city and was almost impossible for the peoples of remote rural areas.

Now with the strong network created with the telemedicine applications and the collaboration of the doctors managed by the telemedicine service provider and the admin of that unit, this tedious task can be completed from the comfort of your home.