Telemedicine App Development Solutions

Medibrandox is developing the ‘live medicines’ applications for clinic hospitals and healthcare startups.

Custom application development solutions in the Telemedicine field are quite advantageous for businesses and especially startups in the field. Preferential needs are catered to with such personalized applications which offer an optimized result to them. The specifically required bespoke features are developed for the best possible efficiency.

Telemedicine applications are a transformative step in the healthcare regime as the efficient leveraging of Information Technology facilitates a virtual and real-time meeting between a doctor and the person in need of clinical service. From the comfort of their home, people can effectively communicate with their doctor with the Telemedicine applications and such consultation saves time and travel expenses without putting an additional physical load on the patient. So the ailing person gets additional time to rest and recover fast.

Because of these awe-inspiring benefits Telemedicine applications are thriving in day-to-day life and for making consultations online, Medibrandox is developing ‘live medicines’ applications for clinic hospitals and healthcare startups.

Various kinds of applications are being developed in the Telehealth Segment:

  • Telemedicine Applications: The doctor-on-demand platform enabling the online appointment and real-time interaction and consultation, are custom developed.
  • Mobile Hospital Management Solutions: Specific application development for efficient management of hospital data
  • Electronic Medical Records Applications: Application for the digital records of health-related issues and their efficient management and sharing
  • Clinical Management System: Application for the doctors for efficient management of their clinics
  • Analytics Solutions: Special applications for data intelligence and analysis
  • Fitness Applications: Simple applications for daily use by any person. Keeping track of your fitness levels through various parameters, also give you knowledge of various exercises.

Medibrandox offers the new dimensions in Telehealth:

The custom applications are integrated with premium services to get you the most amazing UI/UX. Some of them include:

EMR Integration:
Access the right data at the right time with the custom integrations and the robust APIs for bidirectional information transfer

Better Insights:
During the online checkup doctors can go through the medical history of patient, gaps in medication program, different prescriptions and instructions for a better clinical service.

Cloud Based Solution

Cloud Based video conferencing solution for the exclusive and group video conferencing Virtual Office Platform Development Solutions.

Data Security
Security and Privacy programs are built to the highest standards and the information shared and stored with the applications is fully encrypted.

Medibrandox Offers

Medibrandox offers a patient-centric all-inclusive package of Telehealth applications for health organizations, clinics, and doctors facilitating the online appointments, schedules bookings, real-time virtual meetings, access to data, and digital health monitoring. Our robust and personalized Telemedicine application and solutions are developed with rich industry experience in the healthcare segment and the domain expertise in application development. Privacy security and international benchmarks are stringently followed in all the endeavors.

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