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Medibrandox Developing Telehealth/Telemedicine Software for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare startups.

The personalized software development service in the telemedicine sector facilitates the ‘remote visit’, online appointments, health monitoring, and real-time data access. People facing health-related issues can directly communicate with the expert from the comfort of their homes. Not only the time and travel expenses saved, one needs not to alter the schedule or take leave for getting the doctor’s advice. The ailing person gets more time to rest and recovers fast.

Custom Telemedicine software is on the rise because of such fascinating features and being a part of such a changing trend, Medibrandox is developing them for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare startups.

Types of Telemedicine Services:

There are a few different ways in which healthcare systems assist patients contrarily.

  • Interactive Medicines Also known as ‘live medicine’, this allows physicians and patients to interact in real-time with audio consultations and video conferencing with specialized software. Medical History Exploration, Psychiatric Evaluations, and many other services can be provided with it.

  • Store and Forward: This aspect of telemedicine allows a physician to forward the patient's information to another specialist at a different location. Telemedicine software can transmit patient information across a vast distance and on a different system to let different physicians know what already has happened and provide a cure. Lessening the same tests with better medication management is the leading edge.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring: The aging persons can seek consultation at their home without needing to go anywhere and from the patient portal at the telemedicine software; the physician can gather and share information with their patients. Specially developed devices for the Telemedicine method can provide more information to the doctor which helps in serving patients better.

Medibrandox & Telemedicine Software

With the state-of-the-art technology implementation, Medibrandox develops the most efficient Telemedicine software based on preferential needs. We always take care of the fine details precisely for catering to the need of medical staff facing certain difficulties. For the best user experience, the software is designed with an aesthetic appeal, an audio-visual communication facility, and an end-to-end encryption module.

Telemedicine Advantages

Apart from the patients, Telemedicine software has a lot to offer the doctors who are untiringly serving our society in all hard times. The most prominent advantage is improved office efficiency as they have to attend to a lesser number of patients at clinics. Visiting patients in different locations in their leisure time also increase their income to a great extent. This also leads to a lesser number of missed/canceled appointments. Aspiring young doctors are many times reluctant to go to their clinic because of the high competition in the market, Telemedicine software comes as a rescue to them as they need not pay for the clinic and its establishment and can attend the patient from the location of their choice.

Telemedicine Support

The one-stop place providing all the digital services under one roof in Gurgaon, Medibrandox has the clientele to be proud of and the uncompromised quality with eagerness to support you all the time, makes us stand out of the competition. EHR/EMR is integrated for real-time data access and our imaginations with innovations always get us the client back repeatedly for more services.

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