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According to Google, over 77 percent of patients rely on search engines for gaining healthcare information and booking their appointments.

This implies that today digital marketing has surpassed traditional methods of marketing and patients are turning to online portals for conducting their healthcare research.

Put simply, you don’t have to be a genius to understand that the success of your healthcare business is largely dependent on your online presence and brand building efforts.

At MedibrandOx, we help healthcare organizations and systems to focus on patient service and care, while we take care of their digital marketing needs. Our healthcare digital marketing specialists in Delhi assist healthcare firms in attracting and engaging new patients, which further helps them in improving their bottom lines.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare in India

Healthcare digital marketing services are designed to cater to the needs of healthcare organizations, medical websites and healthcare facilities that offer a wide range of medical services, research or products. At MedibrandOx, we assist doctors, medical professionals, practitioners, researchers, and others by providing them with effective and profitable digital marketing strategies. Whether you intend to offer medical services, advice, and assistance or even if you are planning to sell medical products, we can help you create a strong online reputation with minimal efforts.

Our Approach

As the premier provider of healthcare digital marketing solutions, MedibrandOx is dedicated to infusing life into your brand and online web reputation. Given that patients and consumers are searching for healthcare resources and information through various search engines, it is crucial for healthcare establishments to improve their online visibility and social media presence. We have access to the advanced tools and techniques that enable us to create an effective digital marketing strategy for your healthcare firm. Our experienced digital marketers will help you find new patients and provide them with adequate care and assistance.

Why Us?

Choosing Medibrandox as your digital marketing partner will help you to

  • Improve lead generation
  • Enhance online presence
  • Build a potent and professional website
  • Effective digital marketing strategies
  • Improving patient experience
  • Enhancing brand visibility
  • Improving online sales & marketing
  • Improving your bottom line and ROI
  • Connect marketing and sales efforts
  • Gain insight to drive growth and business

With us, adopting a patient-centric approach will be simpler and convenient. We will help you identify new patients and gain their trust easily. Our digital marketing plan will allow you to understand their health concerns and deliver high-quality patient care as well as treatment. In other words, we will help you pick campaigns that work and generate results as opposed to those that don’t.

Consistency across web properties

Our online marketing professional pay heed to your specific requirements to assist you in delivering desired messages/ services to patients through varied specialties of your healthcare practice. We will diligently manage all your digital/web properties to help you better connect with patients and keep them coming back to you for resolving all their health concerns.

MedibrandOx strives hare to meet the preferences and requirements of healthcare practices and businesses across India. We possess the know-how, experience, and technology to offer best practices and desired results to healthcare organizations and medical firms. From web designing to PPC , web development , blog creation, SEO and social media management , we can help you with every aspect of your digital marketing projects and needs. Our digital marketing experts Gurgaon indulge in brainstorming and discussion to create a successful digital marketing plan for your healthcare organization. With our customized web marketing plan in place, you will experience quick growth and assured success.

Get in touch with us to know how we can help you grow and promote your healthcare business today!

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