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MediBrandox is a healthcare web agency that specializes in TeleHealth app development.

Globally the telemedicine industry was worth 18 billion USD in 2015. That figure will likely rise to more than 40 billion USD by the year 2021. This clearly implies that telemedicine is one of the prominent drivers of the healthcare industry.

What this also implies is that there is a tremendous opportunity for the entire healthcare industry including doctors, nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, physicians, and other medical firms or professionals who intend to take advantage of Telemedicine software, apps, and other solutions.

Put simply, we help Hospitals/Clinics to:
  • Set up a virtual multi-specialty clinic/hospital.
  • Offer customized telehealth services as well as remote consultancy to patients, irrespective of their health problems.
  • Provide doctor/physician consultation services to patients.
  • Minimize follow-up meetings with the doctor through an online telemedicine app.
  • Manage all your appointments as well as transactions through a robust, scalable, and efficient telemedicine platform.

Whether you want us to facilitate your patients by providing them with quick online appointment booking options or even if you need us to build a platform that enables you to offer advanced and patient-centric care, our telemedicine experts can help you achieve all of that and more. Our telemedicine application development solutions help patients to consult doctors and seek medical advice remotely.

We make it convenient for your patients to sign up with your clinic/hospital platform and access the telemedicine app right away!

The MediBrand Approach

At MediBrand , our telemedicine software and app developers offer a comprehensive range of telemedicine solutions to clinics, healthcare startups, and hospitals. We help you to connect with your patients and vice versa by building an all-inclusive telemedicine portal/app that offers quick and hassle-free connection.

Why Telemedicine?

Telemedicine enables doctors, hospitals and other healthcare firms or medical professionals to provide clinical services to patients in remote or far locations by relying on IT and telecommunication tools or services.

Some of the other benefits of telemedicine include:

  • Patients don’t want to spend time waiting at the clinic or hospital’s waiting room.
  • They expect immediate care and attention.
  • Telemedicine helps in bridging the distance between the doctors and patients in the most cost-effective manner.
  • It provides doctors with additional time to review their patients’ medical history and cases and offer suitable advice.

Our Telemedicine Solutions

MediBrand offers a comprehensive range of telemedicine solutions including:

  • Building native telemedicine apps that can be easily accessed through iOS and Android devices for a smooth and hassle-free experience.
  • Develop telemedicine apps/software that helps your patients to search, pick and book appointments with physicians/doctors, irrespective of location, and health problem.
  • Build a platform that allows your patients to view every doctor’s certification, qualification, and reviews.
  • Create advanced telemedicine app/platform that helps patients to connect with the doctors through video conferencing or audio/voice call communication.
  • Enable your patients to chat with their preferred doctor and determine their health condition in real-time.
  • Allow patients to acquire details of their past transactions and appointments easily.

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