Best Telemedicine Companies in India

Best Telemedicine Companies in India
05 Nov 2020

The hectic schedules have made peoples out of time, and this thing has taken a toll on their health to an extent more than ever. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that peoples don’t have much time to seek medical aid for their well-being. This has given rise to a new way of appointments with the doctors known as Telemedicine in which the consultation and medical prescription are done through a live digital platform facilitating the virtual meeting between a doctor and the person seeking clinical services.

Telemedicine has transformed the way people view the world of healthcare and its increasing popularity with more and more usage of the services has christened it as the ‘Future of Healthcare’. It has allowed the patients to leverage IT and the telecommunication facilities to seek clinical services from any doctor regardless of the distance. Also, peoples don’t want to waste the time in the consultation room and go for immediate attention and this has increased the prominence and prevalence of telemedicine facilities in today's interconnected world.

As telemedicine has emerged as one the most lucrative segment in India because of its power to make medical services accessible by any person in remote rural areas, it also has got the attention of several large investors. Many service providers have started to work for the segment but out of them, we present you the most promising telemedicine service provider’s list.




Online doctor consultation platform & Telemedicine Services

Analog Eclipse

Solution Provider of Telemedicine, Virtual Hospital, and Audiovisuals

Arka Technologies

Comprehensive Telemedicine solutions backed up by expert integration, customer service and training support.


Enables e-consultation to physician, hospitals, and patients

Express Clinics

Pre-insurance health checkups, home visit, and collection services, and online health risk assessments


Professional medical assistance by providing alternate healthcare

Neurosynaptic Communications

e-health solutions to bring together products, partners, and processes in the healthcare delivery ecosystem

Rijuven India

Delivers the platform of medical and consumer health devices and applications

TeleVital India

Offers integrated Electronic Patient Medical Record and telemedicine software modules.

Vidmed TeleHealth

Tele-consultation services and software applications.

With time, practitioners and patients are used to getting these services and now the requirement of a personalized telemedicine application is more than ever. According to market analysts, 2019 was the crux in adopting the modern technologies in medicine and the ASSOCHAM report states that the Indian Telemedicine Industry has been growing at an exponential rate of 20% over years and is estimated to cross the 32 million dollar mark by 2020. In a country like India where resources are limited and the majority of the population resides in the rural area where there is a lack of clinical services, Telemedicine has the brightest growth prospects and also the potential to bring about a change in the healthcare paradigm through the ease of virtual accessibility. This surpasses the geospatial constraints and the socio-economic contradictions which hindered the healthcare facilities hitherto.