Advantages of Telehealth Solutions for Hospitals in View of COVID-19 Panademic

Advantages of Telehealth Solutions for Hospitals in View of COVID-19 Panademic
09 Apr 2020

More than 4500 people have been infected from COVID-19 in India and the figure is only rising. In fact, every state in India is now facing a challenge where the authorities now have to add a huge number of fresh beds, while also increasing the capacity of their ICUs. Apart from this, the hospitals need to make suitable arrangements for enough lifesaving ventilators aside to recruiting medical experts on a contractual basis. Given such a scenario, the healthcare providers in India must turn to telemedicine solutions to better cope with the situation. Here, discover the top benefits of telemedicine apps and solutions for hospitals and other healthcare providers in India.

Advantages of Telehealth Solutions

In view of the global pandemic, telehealth has emerged as one of the most sustainable and effective solutions for the prevention as well as treatment of COVID-19.

Reduced The risk to Medical Professionals and Workers

The physicians and other medical professionals are working day in and day out to assess which patients are at risk of getting affected or killed by the virus and the ones that do not fall into the risk group. With telemedicine solutions, patients will no longer have to visit to a doctor in person. They can simply consult them over video calls or their mobile phones and acquire prescribed treatment. This implies that hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals and works can minimize their risk of acquiring the infection. Remember, healthcare providers, are at higher risk of contracting the infection owing to their continued exposure to patients who are infected. When tested positive, these healthcare professionals need to stay in quarantine and hence become unavailable to the patients as well as the hospital.

Maximize their Reach

Patients with mild cases can get follow-up treatment on a regular basis and if there is any change in his/her clinical state then healthcare experts can take appropriate action instantly. Thus, telemedicine can help healthcare companies and hospitals to maximize their reach during a scenario like COVID-19.


It must be noted that at present not every hospital or clinic in India is equipped with telemedicine technology, hardware, and applications. But, they definitely require telemedicine solutions to treat more patients and minimize additional pressure on the healthcare staff and practitioners. As the medical system grapples with coronavirus-generated infection and disease, an increasing number of patients will have to adapt to technology and ensure better public health and safety while protecting their staff from the disease.

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