How MediBrandox’s Telemedicine Solutions Can Help Doctors Fight COVID-19?

How MediBrandox’s Telemedicine Solutions Can Help Doctors Fight COVID-19?
08 Apr 2020

The COVID-19 disease has infected more than 13,00,000 people and claimed over 75000 lives across the globe. In India, the COVID-19 cases have been rising post lockdown and more than 4500 people have now become infected with the coronavirus. Clearly, the present circumstances have put the entire health industry, particularly the doctors under a lot of pressure.

This is precisely why more and more doctors are resorting to remote consultation or the practice of telemedicine to treat patients. A growing number of healthcare practitioners are providing healthcare tips and suggestions to patients through video and phone calls, thus providing them with access to excellent healthcare while also ensuring that they as well as the doctor's do not get exposed to the deadly virus amidst rising pandemic. 

Here, we take a look at how telemedicine applications and solutions can help doctors fight the coronavirus better.

According to a report, the Chinese have resorted to telemedicine service providers including Ali Health, We Doctor, and JD Health to seek to treat themselves. In fact, many patients in the country are now accessing e-consultants without the need to travel, thus minimizing their exposure to the virus and limiting the spread of the disease.

As far as India is concerned, the country has a huge challenge ahead of it. With a sudden spurt in the number of coronavirus cases and the lack of adequate healthcare infrastructure as well as practitioners in the country, it is only ideal that the medical industry seeks the support of telemedicine solutions and services India.

One of the major aspects of managing the coronavirus is to keep sick individuals away from hospitals or clinics. With telemedicine, healthcare specialists can ensure that patients don't have to physically visit their clinic or a hospital to acquire adequate treatment or check-up.

Needless to mention, the practice of telemedicine is useful in cutting down physical visits or direct interaction between the healthcare providers and the patients. Thus, it is extremely useful in dealing with infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals can seek the expert assistance of telemedicine service providers such as Medibrandox and set up virtual as well as multi-specialty hospitals or clinics to identify as well as treat COVID-19 patients. As the leading provider of telemedicine app and solutions development company India, Medibrandox can help doctors to offer customized telehealthcare services as well as remote consultation to patients thus helping them fight the disease better.

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