Telemedicine The Future Healthcare Technology?

Telemedicine The Future Healthcare Technology?
01 Nov 2019

Telemedicine healthcare applications have transformed the way clinics, hospitals and healthcare providers are offering medical assistance and treatment to patients. Hence, there’s no denying the fact that telemedicine has a bright future ahead of it. Here, find why telemedicine is the future of healthcare technology and industry.

Is Telemedicine Future Healthcare Technology?

Telemedicine healthcare software enables health providers to overcome geographical distances and barriers to offering clinical treatment and support to patients in all parts of the world. On one hand it enables healthcare practitioners to offer remote care services and on the other hand, it reduced a patient’s medical expenses that are often incurred in the form of traveling to the clinic/hospital. As far as telemedicine is concerned, mHealth or Mobile Health is one segment that is growing rapidly, especially in the wake of emerging mobile technologies. A recent report revealed that mHealth is likely to witness a surge of 20.8percent by the year 2020 with the market size of $86.6 billion. This clearly states that the market for telemedicine is huge and expanding.

Another report released by Mordor Intelligence estimated that the global telemedicine industry will likely be worth 66 million dollars by 2021. Trends such as patient data gathering as well as data analytics carried out by mobile apps and sensors in addition to cloud access and mobility will shape the healthcare industry's future.

A growing number of healthcare firms are investing their money in acquiring telemedicine capabilities since it is the fastest emerging segment within the medical industry. This has enabled small as well as large telemedicine companies to merge and enjoy greater financial stability, particularly for smaller firms. Apart from this, large telemedicine healthcare software designing companies are partnering with international healthcare institutions, which enable them to expand their expertise and widen the telemedicine market.

Another reason, why telemedicine is the future of the healthcare industry, can be attributed to the emergence of healthcare apps. An increasing number of technology companies are creating telemedicine applications for clinicians and patients to facilitate interaction between them. This trend will continue in the years to come, which will eventually result in the growth of telemedicine technology, both in terms of reach and revenue.

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