Telemedicine Application Development

Telemedicine Application Development
30 Sep 2020

Bringing Doctors close to the patients

In the busy lifestyle all the peoples are out of time and for this are leveraging the technological advancements for seeking various services. The healthcare sector has also been transformed with IT and Telemedicine is the new trend now. Telehealth or e-health refers to the access of medical services like appointments, consultation, diagnosis, and prescription with mobile applications and web portals offering audio-visual communications. Not only the patients but also the healthcare specialists are seeking such technologies to serve better demography.

The approach has been through an evolution in the last couple of years and now is getting an increasingly prominent part of the healthcare segment. The advent of smartphones and mobile-based applications has facilitated the rapid development of the Telehealth sector with specific Telemedicine Applications.

Telemedicine and Telehealth terms are used interchangeably but the subtle difference needs to be pondered as well. Telehealth refers to the broad range of technologies and services to improve the healthcare delivery system as a whole and it can also include non-clinical services like training, administrative meetings related to the sector, and continuing medical education. In contrast, Telemedicine involves electronic communication with special software and applications for clinical services without an in-person visit.

Benefits of Telemedicine

The alternative to the real clinical visit has hosts of benefit to offer like:
1. Benefits to the patient: Patients enjoy privacy, lesser time wastage, savings on travel expenses, lesser interference with work and other responsibilities, and no threat of exposure to other contagious patients.

2. Benefits to the Service Providers: Doctors enjoy the increased revenue and enhanced office efficiency with lesser appointment cancellations, and also an answer to the competition based issues resulting in establishing a new clinic.

Medical Specialties most benefitted by Telemedicine Applications:
With telemedicine applications, physicians have an amazing opportunity to connect with their clients, irrespective of their current location. Patients having accessibility issues can now connect with specialists instantly. However being most beneficial to primary healthcare, the following specializations are also at advantage:

1. Radiology: Specializing in the medical imaging techniques to diagnose and treat the disease, radiologists have to work in collaboration with other healthcare experts which is very time-consuming. With telemedicine applications, radiologists can receive and send/receive high-quality images instantly and provide feedback on them.

2. Mental Health: Streamlining the patient flow and the facility of providing the counseling sessions from any location is the best amenity for mental health specialists by Telemedicine Applications. Rural patients now can also seek such care and it also enhances the profitability of doctors.

3. Pediatric: Bringing out the sick child can be avoided with such a facility and the diagnosis and treatment plan can be attained remotely.

4. Dermatology: The HD image sharing through smartphone/tablet facilitates the instant identification of the infection and an effective solution can be sought very easily.

Telemedicine eliminates the barrier of distance and improves access to medical services that would otherwise not be available in distant rural communities or in the hard times of an epidemic. But an efficient digital platform is required to access the Telemedicine. MediBrandox develops the most efficient Telemedicine Applications to connect healthcare specialists with the person needing clinical services. Considered as the best Application Developers in Delhi Gurgaon region, the time-tested agency has a rich experience in application development and their domain expertise enables them to understand the specific needs to provide you the most efficient solutions.