Telemedicine App Development Solutions Company in Bangalore

Telemedicine App Development Solutions Company in Bangalore
05 May 2020

7 Important Benefits to remember for Telemedicine Application

The world has been dealing with a huge burden on the healthcare industry due to the existing COVID-19 pandemic. This way, telemedicine applications in Bangalore have come to the rescue and there is a great demand for these apps.

A lot of top healthcare organizations are busy developing their official telemedicine apps to provide their services in this Coronavirus outbreak. These apps help doctors to provide medical consultation to their patients remotely. Global Market Insights has shared a new report which claims the market size of telemedicine apps is expected to exceed over US$130.5 billion by the year 2025.

But there are certain things and benefits to consider before starting a telemedicine app for your healthcare organization -

1. Less Risk of Infection from Patients

Especially in the recent outbreak, healthcare workers are at huge risk of illnesses by working with patients. Healthcare staff working in nursing homes and long-term facilities is highly vulnerable to infection. This way, telemedicine helps control the risk of exposure to contagious illnesses. You can provide a treatment plan or diagnosis at your own place and reduce the risk of getting sick.

Healthcare organizations across the world are realizing its benefits to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Patients with mild symptoms can self-isolate and get proper checkups with healthcare providers via telemedicine. Hospital visits are scheduled only for moderate to critical cases with proper security of medical staff to avoid transmission of the virus.

2. Improved Flexibility

There are plenty of flexible options offered by telemedicine to keep track of patients and improve patient care. Telemedicine apps leverage advanced technologies like machine learning and AI to help patients to avoid hospital visits. Many hospitals started using video calls and other technology to get in touch with patients. You can offer contactless services through this app as it uses instant messaging and video conferences. You can even help your patients in odd working hours.

3. Improved access to healthcare

Most of the population of India lives in rural areas and they have limited access to healthcare. This way, telemedicine has come up as a great help to provide access to doctors. Rural patients can easily share their medical history to the doctor through video call and doctors can ask their problems and hear it instead of waiting for the details from their doctors.

4. Improved Revenue

Healthcare professionals can easily access patients who live in rural areas and at a convenient time with telemedicine apps. You can help more patients remotely because it takes less time for each patient to provide support with e-visits. It improves efficiency and productivity so you can easily meet more patients and drive revenue.

5. Quality Care

Telemedicine apps help reduce readmissions at hospitals and duration of stay as well. You can rest assured with the quality of care for patients having mental and physical illnesses with complete use of resources. It enables ample utilization of time and reduces the burden. It helps healthcare providers to provide better care and promise improved outcomes because they will get only those cases that need emergency care.

6. Competitive Edge

Thanks to the recent boom in emergency care and clinics, medical practices can have a competitive edge with telemedicine. You can offer the best services to patients and save time and money for them.

7. Easy to Accept Payments

In a clinical setting, it may not be easy to collect payments because patients may or may not have cash in hand. This way, telemedicine enables patients to pay upfront with their card or any other means before getting services. This way, your practice can easily receive payments before offering services.

Conclusion has come up as the best and one-stop solution for healthcare marketing. Doctors and healthcare providers can easily start their e-clinics and healthcare website to help their patients remotely. You can also get your own telemedicine app to easily connect with your patients on the go. Medibrand is the leading medical digital marketing agency helping to connect healthcare professionals and patients.