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Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


Give windgs to your healthcare brand

Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


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Artemis Hospital: Bespoke Healthcare Hospital Website By MediBrandox
12 Mar 2020

MediBrandOx has unquestionably acquired one of the premier positions in the world of website design and development. There will be no exaggeration if we say that it leaves no stone unturned to design the perfect healthcare websites for its clients and boost their business by many folds. Designers at MediBrandOx come up with some of the most comprehensive website designing solutions to satisfy both the needs and expectations of their clients. And one such design marvel by web designers at MediBrandOx is the website of Artemis hospital.

The website is the face of the organization!

According to the best healthcare website designing company, the website is the face of any organization. It is a kind of bridge that fills the gap between the patients and the healthcare service provider. And website designed and developed by Medibrandox successfully creates a feeling of trust, convenience, care, and satisfaction in all the patients coming to Artemis hospital for their treatment. Designers and marketing experts have used all the tools of web designing and healthcare marketing to evolve Artemis hospital as a leading healthcare brand in the vicinity. And the best part is that Artemis hospital is living up to the expectations of the people coming to them looking at their website, services offered by them, and commitments made on the internet.

Features of the Artemis hospital website!

MediBrandOx has successfully inculcated all the important features in the Artemis hospital website to offer optimum information, knowledge, and convenience to the people logging in. If experts in medical marketing are to be believed then a good and successful website is one that caters to every need and quarry of the people logging in and the Artemis hospital website passes all the litmus tests with flying colors.

1. According to experts at healthcare digital marketing agencies, a website is a place where comprehensive information about every aspect of the medical organization is available systematically. When you log in to the Artemis hospital website, you will notice that there are a plethora of sections and categories under which information about various facilities of Artemis hospital is mentioned. Right from information about the doctors, and various medical departments to booking an appointment everything can be done from the website.

2. According to experts in healthcare marketing in the UK, the About Us page of any website says tonnes about the values, mission, and goals of the organization. About Us page of the Artemis, the hospital website has detailed information associated with the hospital. Right from the history of the institute, its values, its mission, its goals, all the public, and private business houses, it is impaneled with to kind of services offered to the patients along with virtual tour and road map of the hospital.

3. Artemis hospital is a huge organization offering a plethora of medical services, whether you wish to be an oncologist, ophthalmologist, or dentist, they are all available under one roof. You can see the bio of specialist doctors on the website, check their availability, and directly book an appointment.

4. You can get all the general information about the availability of doctors, treatment, cost of treatment, insurance options, getting new insurance, making a claim, reference to the doctor, visiting hours, and accommodation information from the website itself.

5. The website is not limited to the services offered by the hospital. On the other hand, it takes up the responsibility of enlightening the people about different medical issues and the latest research in the field of medical science through blog posts, news articles, events, and medical campaigns along with audio and video marketing.

6. Artemis hospital has state of art infrastructure and always focuses on bringing the latest technology for treating the ailments of the patients. It is equipped with the latest machinery, tools, and skills to handle delicate cases of organ transplants, cosmetology, plastic surgery, neuroscience, etc. You can get a detailed description of the latest technology used in every department from the website.

7. Another aspect of Artemis hospitals covered on the website is its responsibility towards society. Right from running several campaigns to promote environmental and health awareness in people to running save water, pure air, and early detection of medical conditions campaigns in association with corporate houses, Artemis hospital is involved in a plethora of activities planned for a social cause. The website has detailed information about all the social campaigns run by the hospital and gives you the chance to participate in them.

8. If you are planning to start your medical career with Artemis hospital or take switch to Artemis Hospital then you have many career opportunities waiting for you. The website has a detailed description of what working at Artemis hospital will be like and how you can contribute as a dynamic part of the team. Artemis hospital is full of opportunities for growth, creativity, and the professional satisfaction of an individual. If you wish to get unparalleled learning experience and exposure, then you can look out for job vacancies at the hospital on the website. Medibrandox ensures optimum convenience for both patients and medical professionals. You will not need to go to the hospital for dropping off your application and resume as you can comfortably do it online.

9. As mentioned earlier, Artemis hospital is a complete package for the people coming to it and its website makes sure that people know everything about what it has got to offer. Right from a cafeteria with an elaborate menu, a chapel and a prayer house for restoring faith in god, garden and outdoor spaces to give you a sense of space and calm, facilities like telephone, television, internet access through WIFI, newspaper, provision to buy gifts and flowers, attendants can take a break to visit the salon to the library and other learning resources, Artemis hospital has it all.


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