Google Business is a Primary tool for Healthcare Digital Marketing

Google Business is a Primary tool for Healthcare Digital Marketing
16 Oct 2019

In general, Clinics and Hospitals serve up in a few kilometers. Google shows results according to region. The top of the healthcare results is “Google business” results. Therefore it is essential to treat Google Business as a primary tool for healthcare digital marketing.

90.46% of searches are done on Google. Approximately 2 billion people use Android phones. These two data shows that Google is all in all for digital marketing.

Why you should optimize your Google business before moving to other marketing practices? There are four macro moments when people are in a hurry. 

Macro Moments for the Healthcare Industry

What’s-Wrong-With-Me Moments

When a person or his beloved get any health-related issue. The first search “what happened with him” in Google. As a result, they get home remedies sites, physician sites, forums, question answers, articles, videos, infographics, and images, and try to figure out the solution. 

Where-Can-I-Get-Treatment Moments

In a healthcare emergency, Google shows the “near me” clinics and hospitals. This micro-moment is the most used method while searching. 


Here, Google helps people by showing ratings. Google Business Reviews are highly considered in the Healthcare Industry. 

I’m-ready-to-book moments

Here, when a patient moves to book an appointment. The search engine shows the area for booking an appointment. 

If you want to upgrade your healthcare digital marketing in Dubai, you should take your Google Business optimization to the next level. is a healthcare digital marketing company. MediBrandox helped so many clinics, doctors, hospitals, dentists and physicians by making their Google-friendly, User-friendly website and digital marketing strategies. 

What Do to Optimize Google Business?

1. Improve your website visibility in micro-moments searches. 

2. Make a strategy to increase your ratings. 

3. Optimize your Google business for local results. 

4. Always update your Google business according to your patients. 

5. Engage people. 

Apart from Google Business, MediBrandox does lots of healthcare digital marketing works to increase your online presence.

1. Social Media Marketing - Engagement has only the power to brand your business. Social Media professionals create those posts which can stop people in their busy world. Regular engagement increases trust which is very important for healthcare digital marketing.

2. Eye Catchy, Clear Website- When a patient does look at a website, what is his first reaction, where does he want to click, where contact number should be written, where “book an appointment” section should be, where facilities should be written, etc? All these moments knowledge makes the website very useful to the patient. This particular knowledge comes after making thousands of websites which has. 

3. Complete Healthcare Digital Marketing - MediBrandox makes strategy according to your patient demographics, region, and interest. Then make an action plan and execute the plan. After that, they analyze the results every week. 

In short, MediBrandox is one-stop for complete healthcare digital marketing. You get SEO, Google Business OptimizationWebsite Designing, Online Reputation, Social Media Marketing, and Advertising.