Healthcare & Medical Marketing in UK

Healthcare & Medical Marketing in UK
14 Jan 2020

How To Increase Number Of Patients Coming To A Start-Up Clinic?

Starting up a clinic in an area or a community is not a difficult task. Especially when you have all the resources to do so. But your real test begins when you have to get a number of patients to that start-up clinic. Your start-up clinic venture can be pronounced successful only when you have a good number of patients visiting the clinic on a regular basis.

Now the question is how to increase those number of patients coming to your clinic? How to make your clinic popular in the locality? And how to make your start-up a successful venture?

According to experts of healthcare and medical website designing in UK, gone are the days when a doctor or his clinic’s popularity was spread by word of mouth and patients used to come to a doctor just by his skills. Given the ever-increasing competition and a large number of medical practitioners in the same locality, you will need to get yourself recognized by people in order to get more patients. You will have to bring your clinic right on their phones and tablets in order to get noticed.

Medibrandox is a renowned medical website designing companies were skilled, knowledgeable and experienced website designers design healthcare and medical websites as per industry standards. They will not only help you in building and establishing your brand name but also increase your popularity in the locality.

Some ways of making your start-up clinic a successful venture and attracting more numbers of people to your clinic are discussed below.

1. Strong online presence: According to the best medical website designing company UK, one of the best ways to increase the number of patients coming to your website is by building a strong online presence. And the best way to build a strong online presence is having a responsive health care website. In modern times, patients usually prefer to know the practitioner and the services offered by him or her before actually visiting the clinic. They would also love to read some real-life reviews and testimonial about your skills, your services and experience of people with you as a physician. Basically a medical website will help you in building trust amongst people.

2. Strong SEO campaign: According to medical website designers in UK, another way to increase the popularity of your start-up clinic is to start a strong SEO campaign. Healthcare SEO will not only improve your ranking on various search engines but it will also make your website all the more accessible to the people who are in need of your services. If your website has genuine content with proper use of keywords, is responsive to smartphones and tablets, is user-friendly, and focuses on educating the reader then it will definitely secure top rankings on various search engines.

3. Social media marketing: According to expert designers at a renowned health website designing company in UK, apart from an informative and responsive website, another factor that can help in diverting more patients to your clinic is social media marketing. Community events, sponsors and newsletters are now old school ways of increasing your popularity in the community. The latest tool for expanding one’s reach in the community is social media campaigns. It is important to register your online presence on various social media platforms. A good social media marketing agency such as Medibrandox can play an important role in creating a positive social media presence and at the same time focus on increasing the number of patients visiting the clinic.


Q1. How a good healthcare website does look like?

Ans. A good health care website should be responsive, should be accessible from different devices, should be user-friendly, patients should be able to book appointments through it and also get any quarry solved.

Q2. How medical website can help a clinic in building an online reputation?

Ans. It will be interesting to note that one in every five people looks for a medical service near them online. 45 percent of people read reviews about the clinic before actually visiting the clinic. So if you have a good responsive medical website then people will know about you and you will be able to build an online reputation through it.

Q3. How SEO campaign can help in getting local patients?

Ans. The main idea of an SEO campaign is to bring your website in the top 3 or four websites when searched. Local SEO campaign helps your website to be visible to local people around your clinic.

Q4. How a medical website helps in connecting with patients?

Ans. You can engage in conversation with patients in many ways such as basic chat boxes, chatbots, emails, newsletters, etc.