Must Features For Hospital Designing And Development!

Must Features For Hospital Designing And Development!
05 Mar 2020

Billing system

Technology has become the basis of our day to day living. There will be no exaggeration in saying that like any other industrial or service sector, technology has completely transformed the healthcare sector. To survive the cut-throat global competition and stay at the top, every healthcare organization needs to embrace the best of what the internet has got to offer.

It will be interesting to note that healthcare services are becoming more and more location agnostic and it has become very important to find healthcare solutions that are available on the fingertips of the people in need. Keeping all this in mind, every hospital needs to develop a web application that will not only increase their productivity but also enhance patient care by many folds.


Medibrandox is a renowned healthcare marketing agency helping hundreds of hospitals, private practitioners and retail clinics in setting up their practice, providing better healthcare services, increasing the number of patients coming to them and earning high profit.

At Medibrandox we believe that to convert potential clients or patients into actual clients, the website of the hospital should have a strong impact on their minds. The website is the face of any hospital and no hospital can survive without a well-designed and impactful website. The best way to introduce your hospital and the services offered there to the patients is by getting a professional and integrated hospital website design by experts.

Medibrandox is an ace medical marketing agency skilled and equipped with all the necessary tools for perfect medical website designing. It has a team of professional designers committed to including all the necessary features and elements on your website which will best describe your strengths, values and the services offered by you.

The Healthcare marketing UK team at Medibrandox ensures that your website gets high SEO ranking, there is a remarkable increase in organic traffic to your website and you get many leads through it. There will be no exaggeration in saying that Medibrandox is a kind of healthcare website designing service that does not create just websites for the hospitals, on the contrary, it creates a brand for them.

Characteristics of a Good Hospital Website

Before we venture into important features to be included while designing a hospital website, let us see how a good hospital website looks like. Let us consider some important characteristics of a professional hospital website design.


The first and foremost feature of a good hospital website is that it should be cost-effective. A website is designed with the view that it will give you leads and high conversion numbers with minimal expenditure. A well designed low maintenance hospital website has a high potential of converting the visitors into actual clients of the hospital.


According to experts at healthcare digital marketing agencies India, no other marketing tools have increased convenience both for hospitals and patients than a website. A professionally designed integrated website has made finding the doctor, booking an appointment and payment much easier for the patients. Apart from that even doctors can very well elaborately describe their services and attract more patients to their hospitals.


Gone are the days when a doctor had successful practice just by word of mouth of his or her patients. According to experts in healthcare marketing Singapore, to survive in the present world you will need to make yourself highly accessible both online and offline. Patients should not only reach out to you for treatment but they should be able to access your knowledge, experience, and wisdom for any quarry they have. A professionally designed website is the best way to do it.


Online marketing of a hospital is much more impactful, trackable and quantifiable than traditional brick and mortar means of marketing. With methods like SEO and SEM, you can increase the number of patients visiting your hospital in a much more impactful and cost-effective manner.

The credibility of the hospital

In the present business, scenario website can play an important role in building credibility for your business. It can play a key role in making your hospital a brand and attracting more and more people towards it. It builds a bridge of trust between you and your patients and once that trust is built you not only evolve as a brand but also generate high revenues.

Must feature to be kept in mind while developing a hospital website!

According to experts in healthcare marketing Australia, a hospital website cannot be designed with similar planning and attitude of the website of any other business or service. The hospital website has to be more detailed and carefully planned. It has a big responsibility for bridging the communication gap between the doctors and the patients. Apart from that, every module of the hospital website is intended to increase convenience for both the patients and the hospital staff. A good hospital website constantly helps the hospital staff to upgrade their management and work towards the betterment of the services offered.

Information about the doctors

The first and foremost feature to be taken under consideration in a hospital website is the information about the doctors working in the hospital. A website should have a detailed bio of all the doctors registered with the hospital. It should also describe their work hours and a link to directly book an appointment for a particular doctor. A visitor should be able to check the availability of the doctor online to schedule an appointment accordingly and save both time and effort. The online doctor management system also helps the hospital staff to manage the duty of the doctors, update their appointments along with the complete case history of the patients.

Information about the medical services offered

A hospital is an integrated institute offering a plethora of services to the patients. Every person may or may not know about every service offered at the hospital. A professional hospital website should not only mention details of different services of the hospitals but it should also help the patient to directly book an appointment in that department with the doctor he or she desires. There shall be separate segments like cardiology, ophthalmology, oncology, dietitian, general physician, radiology and so on. The patient should be able to see the list of all the departments, details of the services and facilities available in those departments, list of doctors and specialists working on those departments and facility of booking an online appointment with them.

Patient management system

Another important feature of a hospital website is a patient management system. The patients should not only register themselves with the hospital through the website but they should also be able to see their treatment history, check-up reports, follow-up schedule, prescriptions and other details about their treatment on the website itself. It will play an important role in increasing awareness about the treatment plan and will add a lot of conveniences both for the hospital and the patients.

Management of drugs

The drug management system on the hospital website not only helps the hospital in listing drugs mostly used in specific treatments available in the hospital but it also helps the patients in listing the drugs they have been prescribed. Patients can also order those drugs online from the pharmacy at the hospital. Apart from that, you can also get lots of drugs available at hospital pharmacies through the hospital website. Once the patient is registered with the hospital he or she can get a user id and password for accessing pharmacy or lab reports of the hospital.

Online scheduling of the appointments

Online scheduling of appointments has increased convenience of doctors, hospital staff as well as the patients. Now patients do not need to go physically to the hospital, on the contrary, they can book an appointment from the comforts of their drawing-room. Similarly, both hospital staff and the doctors can keep a track of the scheduled appointments, send alert messages of upcoming appointments via SMS or e-mail and similarly remind the patients for follow up sessions. This online service can also help in taking feedbacks from the patients for reviewing the services offered by the hospital and working towards making it better.

Lab test system

One of the important features of any hospital web site design is the lab test system. It should have a detailed list of various tests that can be performed at the hospital. It should also have information about some special machines or techniques available at the hospital for special lab tests. Apart from that this module should also offer a lab test history of patients registered with the patients. Doctors can check all the reports with a single click and modify the treatment plan accordingly.

Billing system

Another benefit of the hospital website can offer both to the patients and the hospital staff is invoice generation and keeping a track of payment status. Once a patient is registered with the hospital, an automated system generates the invoice in the name of the patient, keep the track of payments made until complete payment is made either in cash or online.


The gallery is one of the important features of the hospital website. It plays an important role in winning the confidence of the patients by showcasing infrastructure, facilities, the latest technology and specialists working in the hospital.

Awards and accolades

A professional hospital website should have special mention about awards and accolades won by the hospital. Apart from that, it should also mention the special achievements of the hospital to build its brand value. All these awards, accolades and achievements play an important role in converting a potential client into a real client and encourage them to use the services offered by the hospitals when in need.

Blogs and news bytes

The role of a hospital website is not just to attract new patients, but it also plays an important role in educating people through informative and relevant content. Most people turn to Google for some healthcare information before turning to a doctor. If your website is offering the information they want, they may or may not register with your hospital but it will register your brand name in their minds which will convert them into actual clients when in need.

Use of the latest technology 

Using services like Whatsapp, e-mail, and SMS for sending appointment alerts, follow up alerts, news bytes or other relevant information to the patients is an important part of the marketing strategy of the hospital. It is a means of telling the patient that you care and you are available to them.


Customizing services offered by the hospital according to the needs of the patient is the need of the hour. It can be best done with the help of a professionally designed hospital website. Experts at Medibrandox are of the notion that a well-designed hospital website is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for the hospital. It helps the hospital in effective in-patient, out-patient, surgical management and getting new leads too. On the other hand, patients can get easy and convenient access to good medical services without much ado.