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Give windgs to your healthcare brand

Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


Give windgs to your healthcare brand

Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


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What Makes MediBrandOx the Fastest Growing Healthcare Web Development Company in Dubai?
21 Nov 2022

The healthcare industry needs technological transformation to offer excellent patient experience, manage business processes, and secure data and other confidential information. Although several companies have already adopted some of the new technologies in collaboration with some of the top healthcare IT companies, gaps and loopholes still need to be urgently addressed. Some of these problems are not just limited to a handful of businesses but impact the entire healthcare industry.

Although the technical solutions are there in hand, the conceptualization and implementation or integration matter; if you hand over the website development project for your healthcare business to any third-party company, they might develop very innovative and intuitive software. But a 100% guarantee that the website will yield the expected results won't be possible.

Why do healthcare companies need websites for themselves?

One of the healthcare companies' biggest concerns is the need for a website. Many believe that managing a website is more difficult than a legacy system. That's why they do not easily agree to integrate this digital transformation into their systems. However, that is not the solution because, with the advancing world, the healthcare industry also needs to update itself.

The following are some reasons why healthcare companies need websites for their businesses.

  • 1. Our website will give them more exposure and visibility to the online audience, driving more patients to doctors, hospitals, and clinics.
  • 2. Adding a document or blog section to the website will act as an encyclopedia for patients. As a result, the website traffic will automatically increase, and people will be eager to explore your other services.
  • 3. With a popular telemedicine development company like MediBrandOx, you can open channels for doctors and patients to connect over the Internet.
  • 4. With the help of health tracking applications, doctors can easily monitor their patient's health by monitoring blood pressure, calories eaten, body weight, and so on.
  • 5. Business process management becomes much smoother and easier with the help of our website, especially if it is integrated with the core system of the healthcare business.
  • 6. A healthcare website will help businesses provide excellent customer experience to their patients, thereby increasing the rate of customer retention over time.
  • 7. Communicating directly with the patients will become much easier through the online website because it will introduce transparency and honesty.
  • 8. Building a website based on an integrated management system will store all datasets and other information pieces on one platform. Therefore, everyone involved with the business will have access to important information.

Is MediBrandOx a reliable healthcare website development company in Dubai?

MediBrandOx is a leading healthcare website development company in Dubai. Thanks to its services and innovative approach to handling problems within the healthcare industry, it has acquired a commendable market position. The company aims to deliver outstanding performance to hospitals, clinics, and other organizations in the healthcare industry and help them transform their business operations smoothly.

With an experienced and highly skilled team, this web development company for the healthcare industry is setting new standards. From ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations to building new and innovative software programs, MediBrandOx is involved in several functions of various healthcare businesses.

Services/ IT software solutions offered at MediBrandOx

Before hiring MediBrandOx healthcare website development company, don't you think knowing more about its services will give you an overall idea about its excellence and unmatched performance? It will, and we have briefly described some of its services for the healthcare industry.

Teleconsultations app development

One of the main services that MediBrandOx offers is the development of teleconsultations applications. Through this, doctors and patients can easily connect over the Internet. There is no need for patients to visit the doctor in person by compromising their daily life schedules. It is more suitable for people who cannot visit hospitals alone or live at quite a far distance from the healthcare organization.

Appointment schedule software development

Managing the appointments for doctors or any other treatment processes, canceling the bookings, pre-booking for the doctors, and so on are quite cumbersome and time-consuming tasks. If healthcare businesses still follow the legacy systems, they will be left far behind. Therefore, MediBrandOx will develop appointment scheduling software for your healthcare business. With it, you can easily process customer bookings, cancellation of appointments, maintain a proper schedule for the doctors, and so on.

Website revamping

If you already have a healthcare website, but it is not performing in the desired manner, there are certain glitches that need immediate addressing. This is where MediBrandOx comes into play. Its team of experts will help revamp the entire website and align it with your business, customer or patient behavior, and the latest market trends in the healthcare industry.

General Healthcare website development

General Healthcare website development is a common service because the company will develop a simple website and integrate it with your infrastructure to manage several operations. It will have an admin module, a dashboard for common processes, a billing and invoice generation module, an appointment schedule module, a data storage module, and so on.

Health-tracking app development

Another service that MediBrandOx is involved with is developing a health-tracking application. With it, doctors can easily check the health parameters of their patients and keep themselves updated. This way, doctors can deliver the best treatment since they will know about the fundamental health statistics.

Why Choose MediBrandOx for the healthcare website development project?

MediBrandOx is certainly one of the best healthcare web development companies in Dubai. It offers an array of services to healthcare businesses and ensures outstanding quality and optimal performance. The professionals working here are skilled and knowledgeable about the pain points of various companies involved in the healthcare industry. They always try to target those issues at first with their IT knowledge.

Why is security important for a healthcare website?

A General Healthcare website will collect data from various sources, including hospitals, doctors, patients, lab centers, etc. To secure these confidential information sets, the healthcare website must implement appropriate security protocols.

Should a healthcare business also have a mobile app?
It would be better if the healthcare business had a mobile app because it would be able to target a greater section of the audience.

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