Healthcare Marketing Prediction in 2020

Healthcare Marketing Prediction in 2020
10 Jun 2020

With the arrival of a brand new year and a brand new decade at the horizon, it has become very important for the healthcare institutions to re-position their organization for growth. It is the time when the survival of healthcare institutions, clinics, and other medical organizations will become quite difficult without a major shift in their marketing strategy.

According to experts in healthcare digital marketing, whether we hate it or love it, but there is no denial of the fact that healthcare is a business and that too with tough competition and high volatility. If you wish to match the breakneck speed by which the healthcare business is expanding and developing, you will not only need to do intensive advertisement but keep all your marketing tools very sharp.

If you still have not positioned your marketing strategy in the New Year, we have come up with some amazing healthcare marketing predictions for 2020. It can play an important role in shaping the marketing strategies for your organization.

Practice marketing is being changed by private equity

There will be no exaggeration in saying that one of the hottest selling commodities in the healthcare sector is private equity. According to a healthcare marketing agency, there is a steep rise in the number of private equity deals taking place in the healthcare sector in the past few years, and this trend seems to grow rapidly in 2020. Keeping all this in mind we can easily predict that private equity will have major influence and impact on the marketing strategy of any healthcare organization.

Its increasing popularity is targeting almost every sector and specialty of healthcare industry such as dermatology, ophthalmology, addiction treatment, autism, or long term care of the patients. It will be interesting to note that private equity has a complete focus on consumer direct marketing strategies.

Consumerism will form the base of successful health care practice

With constant merges between bog corporations and small healthcare organisation, it has become very difficult for small retail clinics to survive. These merges offer high affordability and convenience to the patients who have started preferring to go to them rather than a retail clinic. And there will be no exaggeration in saying that this competition is going to increase by many folds in 2020. All big and small companies are showing interest in merging with a bigger player to sustain better in the business.

If you wish to survive this competition then you will need to give first priority to consumerism. You need to treat you, patients, right. Take care of their schedule, appointments, and comfort level. You will also need to give them the right service so that they keep coming back to you. They should be comfortable coming to you and not anxious. You should find suitable ways to give affordable services with minimum efforts.

Consumers will look forward to hospitals with integrated systems

With increased private equity and acquisitions of the hospitals, hospitals will definitely become one-stop-shop for each and every need of the patient. In 2020 consumers will continue to look forward to this integrated system of work and services in the hospital. They will prefer such organizations giving integrated facilities over retail clinics specializing in or two forte.

In modern times where everyone is busy, all that consumer wants inconvenience. And the hospital which is able to offer maximum convenience to the consumer at an affordable rate will definitely win the race.

Retail clinics will continue to bloom

Another major prediction for healthcare marketing in 2020 is that retail clinics will continue to bloom in 2020. It is one of the most successful models for running healthcare organizations. It has the potential of altering the entire landscape of the healthcare industry. The first and foremost benefit of the retail clinics is convenient hours of work and its location. Apart from that they have quite transparent and upfront pricing policies as compared to big hospitals run by multinational giants. They can be the saviors of many patients when it comes to primary care and emergency care. Features like telehealth, yoga, health classes, etc. add a lot of convenience in the life of the consumers. It also poses a tough competition to private practitioners.


Telehealth is one of the most important marketing tools for healthcare organizations. The Healthcare industry has registered 2.6 million telehealth visits in 2018 which increased by 80% in 2019. The trend is expected to grow similarly in 2020 making telehealth as a strategically important tool for the healthcare industry. Doctors offering telehealth and telemedicine services will have high chances of survival over others who are still stuck to traditional means of medical practice.

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