6 Common Mistakes of Healthcare Marketing

6 Common Mistakes of Healthcare Marketing
22 Jan 2020

Glad to welcome you here, it means you want to overcome the bad mistakes of the healthcare industry, whether you are a doctor, pharmacist, hospital, clinical staff, healthcare product seller or etc.

1. The first common mistake, not knowing the “who”, “where”, and  “why”.

The healthcare marketing industry's first word is to know “who”, who is your customer? the second word is “where”, where you can find them? and the most important word is “why”, why he does buy from you?

These three words consist of complete digital and physical marketing. Just write down three words and write 10  answers for each question. You will realize your marketing mistake.

2. While Healthcare Digital Marketing, Not focusing on a specific page

I have seen people sharing links to the homepage of the website. If I have diabetes, and you are sending me the homepage which consists of many diseases, I will simply skip the homepage. If you share with me “a specific page” that consists of diabetes solutions, tips, medicines, homemade remedies, some good testimonials, I will like your page.

Now the question arises, how would you know that I have diabetes, you just send the same page to thousands of people, as all does the same. Therefore, I advised the first mistake, know who is your customer and where you can find them.

Make a specific page for each healthcare product/service, and share it to the relevant users. For healthcare marketing India, you can take the help of “The Digital Surgeon of Healthcare Marketing” named “Medibrandox.com”.

3. Overpromising at promotion

Many times promotional benefits go to “moon” whereas the medical benefits are not capable to cross the “ozone layer”. Huh! Customers are very sensitive, if they feel bad they will never come back even if you give a 90% discount.

In the healthcare industry, the trust gives a “placebo effect”. If trust is breached, no-one cares then.

4. Going beyond the limit

The healthcare profession is a very reputed profession. People feel safe while talking to healthcare professionals. Never make fun of your competitors and ex-patients. Always keep a limit on promotions. Don’t let the patient think that you are advertising a lot.

Healthcare Marketing and Advertising should be less. Here, “Less is More”.

5. Giving Offers

Offers are used to takeout the “goods and services” which are not getting sold normally, this is the mentality of the user and your’s too. Don’t give bumper offers, it reduces reputation.

Reputation is something that is earned ‘once in many years’. Care it!

You may be confused, what healthcare marketing strategy should be used or what not to be used? You should check “Genes2me Marketing”, “AyurGut”, “Diya Baby Care” and many top brands healthcare marketing strategies that are done by Medibrandox.com.

6. Forgetting “Why”

Remember, everyone has a “why” to buy healthcare products and services. If “you as a why” is stronger than the competition, the patient comes to you.

Remember product or service is not been sold, always “benefits” are sold.

Every healthcare product/service has a different “Why”. Knowing this why is crucial, you should get the help of healthcare marketing professionals “Medibrandox.com”.

A Solution of Healthcare Marketing - MediBrandox.com

Being a healthcare professional, you already have lots of duties, you should keep a healthcare marketing expert like mediabrandox.com, their quote “they don’t make your website, they make your brand”. They are truly professional and successful healthcare marketers because they are involving to brand these names - Metro Hospitals, Genes2me, Tattvan E-clinic, Diva Baby Care, Ayur Gut, and many many more brands and doctors.

In my 10 years of healthcare journey as a chemist & a writer, I found that these 6 are common mistakes of the healthcare industry. I hope you like. Please write a comment, if you have any other ideas.