5 Reasons Why Telemedicine is Growing Rapidly in India

5 Reasons Why Telemedicine is Growing Rapidly in India
20 May 2019

According an ASSOCHAM report, the telemedicine healthcare application market in India has been expanding at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 20% and is expected to surpass 32 million dollars mark by the year 2020 from its existing level of more than 15 million dollars. Below, take a look at the top 5 reasons that have contributed to the growth & expansion of telemedicine healthcare software and applications in the country.

1. Lack of Proper Healthcare Services for People in Rural Areas: Almost 70 percent of India’s population resides in the rural areas whereas most of the doctors, hospitals and their services are restricted only to the cities. This implies that healthcare services in rural parts of India are either absent or inadequate. Telemedicine healthcare applications have helped in bridging this gap and enabled the healthcare organizations and professionals to offer advanced diagnosis, care and treatment to patients residing in the rural areas.

2. Increased Government Investment: Another reason why telemedicine healthcare software and solutions have witnessed massive growth in India is due to increased government spending in the advancement of telemedicine technologies and infrastructure. Currently, there are over 500 telemedicine units that are linked with around 50 specialty hospitals across India. A Frost & Sullivan report revealed that these centers have collectively managed to provide teleconsultation services to approximately 0·15 million people/patients. This number is likely to witness a tremendous growth in the years to come.

3. Shortage of Doctors/Physicians in Rural Regions:  One of the major reasons that have contributed to the growth of telemedicine healthcare applications in India is the dearth of doctors/physicians in rural areas. Today, the rural population residing in remote areas is taking advantage of telemedicine to acquire quality healthcare services.

4. High Volume of Patients: India being one of the highest populated countries in the world has high volume of patients (both in rural and urban areas) that suffers from one or the other type of health problem. Given the above scenario, telemedicine healthcare software solutions Delhi India are bound to grow in the country where more and more people look forward to acquiring effective treatment, specialized care and best in class healthcare services at low costs.

5. Increased Availability of Tele Monitoring Devices: With doctors demanding advanced Tele-monitoring and testing devices to assess patients' health condition, more and more service providers are looking to offer the latest health care devices to medical firms and practitioners in the country.Apart from this, increased adoption of mHealth and remote monitoring software/programs has also led to the growth of telemedicine in India.

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