Old healthcare website: Redesign with MediBrandox

Old healthcare website: Redesign with MediBrandox
10 Feb 2020

Setting up a healthcare firm is not an easy task. You need to put in a lot of time, effort, patience, money and resources for establishing a successful medical practice. But the mere setting of medical practice is not sufficient for getting ROI is from the firm. You need to take the necessary steps for getting more inquiries and more patients coming to your clinic, hospital or your healthcare facility. And for all this, you cannot rely simply on the old school website designed at the time of starting the firm. According to a healthcare digital marketing company in Gurgaon, for constantly growing and evolving medical firms, you need to constantly think, redesign and revamp your healthcare website. Only then you will be able to match the breakneck speed by which the world around is changing. 

How do you know that your healthcare website needs a revamp?

In the present business scenario, the website is the face of any company. It plays an important role in bringing business to it. There are certain traits by which you can tell whether your website needs revamping or not. 

1. If your website is not responsive: According to a renowned healthcare digital marketing agency India, more than 17% web traffic coming to any website if through smartphones and tablets. In case your website is not responsive you are losing all those leads and potential clients. If you are still not giving amazing mobile experience to your potential clients, then it is time to rethink and make your website responsive. 

2. Change in marketing goals: There is no denial of the fact that the marketing goals of any medical firm change from time to time. And with a change of marketing goals, certain changes and updates have to be made on the website also to keep it aligned with the new goal of the company. According to the best healthcare digital marketing company in Gurgaon, it is not necessary to revamp the entire website each time you have a new set of marketing goals for your company. But you have to make sure that you make necessary changes in order to stay tuned in the business. 

3. If your website is outdated: Since a website is the face of any business, you cannot afford to have a website that looks outdated. People will seldom show any interest in such a website or such a company who does not pay much attention to the website. Most people spend more time on the updated website and have more faith in such healthcare companies

4. Speed of the website: Experts of healthcare digital marketing believe that if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load then you will not only lose the client but your search engine ranking will also be badly affected. 

If your website needs revamping, then Medibrandox is the door to knock at. It is one of the leading providers of healthcare website redesigning solutions in NCR. It has a team of skilled and experienced experts for evaluating the website, its functionality, its responsiveness, design, layout, content and other features. They make sure that they come up with fresh and innovative website revamping ideas to bounce your medical firm back in business and encourage upward growth graph.