‘Interviews’, ‘Opinions’, and ‘Testimonials’ help Increase Web Traffic to your Medical Websites

‘Interviews’, ‘Opinions’, and ‘Testimonials’ help Increase Web Traffic to your Medical Websites
12 Sep 2022

If someone is visiting your website which is a healthcare-related or medical website, then in all probability, that visitor has landed on your site to either inquire about the treatment of a particular disease and its expenses or to get relevant and insightful information about any topic related to the medical field. The Healthcare sector in India has changed rapidly, now more and more doctors, surgeons, dentists, and general practitioners are shifting to online mode for taking their profession to a wider audience. This also helps them establish a credible brand in the eyes of their patients as well as they are able to make a huge northwards jump in their revenue graph. Rachit Chakrwarty, Founder, and CEO of MediBrandOx, a leading healthcare web development, takes the torch of throwing a beam of light on how opinion pieces and testimonials help patients that come to the website for assistance.

Well, a healthcare-related website of a doctor should have a plethora of things in order to derive the maximum benefit of going online. These include a comprehensive profile of the Doctor showcasing his educational background as well as medical background, segmented sections like understanding the diseases, types of treatments, treatment charges, working hours, booking an appointment option, industry-related content, and many more things. However, there are a few things that make your website stand out from thousands of other websites, these are ‘Expert Interviews’, ‘Opinion Pieces’, and ‘Testimonials’. These 3 are indeed important factors that elevate you as a brand and moreover, they enhance the knowledge of your potential clients as well as give them an understanding of numerous things related to a particular topic.

The simple reason to dedicate a section to Testimonials, Opinion Pieces, and Expert Interviews is that patients or the ones visiting the website on the behalf of their loved ones are generally not well aware of the things which include types of diseases, symptoms, cures, and treatment, where to get treated, what will be the expenditure and a lot more other things. They are already worried about their lives or their loved ones and this is where Testimonials, Opinion Pieces, and Expert Interviews come to their rescue.

These things not only enhance their knowledge but also act as a confidence-building measure for them and they also start feeling positive regarding the treatment. Further Testimonials help them get a glimpse of what it would be like to be treated by the doctor and what could be the overall experience with the clinic/hospital staff. ‘Expert Interviews’ on the websites are an advantage to both- Doctors as well as Patients. Doctors get huge traffic from these types of content and people regularly visit the site in search of such type of insightful content Patients get to know where to get treated, which treatment they should opt for, and where to get treated from top people from the medical fraternity.

For a healthcare website to be effective and unique in its own sense, it is important to have new trendy content uploaded on a regular basis as content is the king, and what better than Expert Interviews, Opinion Pieces, and Testimonials.