7 Reasons Your Healthcare Website Needs Revamping

7 Reasons Your Healthcare Website Needs Revamping
29 Jun 2020

There may be hundreds of reasons why you should revamp your healthcare website. Nevertheless, I am trying to render you the top 7 reasons.

Reason 1

Revamp, if your website is not Planned Website

When you made your first healthcare website, you would be blank with ideas. You might have some references, notwithstanding it takes much time to understand “what does your customer actually need on your website?

Straightaway if you can repeat your history, your website would be having a different design and a different approach. You will create a planned website. Medibrandox infers this and gives you a detailed plan before making your healthcare website. Your website should be made according to your customer’s age, lifestyle, gender, location, mindset, and attitude. 

While planning for a website...

Ask these questions to yourself… and write on a piece of paper.

1. Who is your customer?

2. Age of your customer

3. Where your customer is located?

4. What are the mindset and attitudes?

5. How fast does he need your service?

Giving answers to these questions draw a plan. If you are bind with your old unappealing website, this is the chance to revamp your website.

Reason 2

Revamp, if your website is not User-Friendly Clean & Clear

For a decade, experts of SEOs discuss “Content” that “Content is King”. Everyone is engaged in making links, whereas smart SEOs work on Content. Your ON Page influences your actual rank. Your website user-friendliness, lower bounce rate, and higher CTR stimulate the difference in your actual ranking. You may cross-check, some top rank healthcare websites do not have even a single backlink. Your website design should be clean, clear with proper content.

The question arises, who can supply high-quality content and User-friendly healthcare website design. Medibrandox.com is dedicated to healthcare website revamping and digital marketing. They have encouraged so many clinics, dentists, doctors, hospitals, physicians by revamping their websites, promoting their startups, digital marketing and branding.

Reason 3

Revamp, If your website does not have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

 A customer can open your website through mobile, tablet, computer, laptop or different screen sizes of gadgets. Therefore, your website must be primed with Accelerated Mobile Pages. If someone opens your normal website on mobile, it will take a lot of time and users are impatient.

More than 70% of healthcare queries are searched through mobile phones and other small devices.

People have a habit of fast websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and etc. They want to see everything just in a few milliseconds. As top websites like Amazon uses dedicated server and cloud hosting which gives very fast hosting which is impossible with normal hosting plans. Therefore one should start using AMP.

Your website should be having AMP to increase the web site’s load speed in different mobile and compact devices. Medibrandox.com revamp your website with AMP to speed up your healthcare website.

Reason 4

Revamp, if your website does not have 1-Click Quick Call & Chat Methods

As discussed, the customer opens the website through mobile and compact devices. For calling, customers do not want to remember phone numbers and type on the screen. They want the 1-Click calling method. If your website does not have a 1-Click Quick Call option, you should upgrade or revamp your healthcare website by Medibrandox.com

Quick Chat is another very crucial part of the healthcare website. For advice, quick questions, and book an appointment, customers like to chat quickly. Give this facility and engage your customers.

Reason 5

Revamp, if your website does not have “Book an Appointment” option

In the healthcare website, it is essential to put “book an appointment” option. It should be clearly visible and catchy. If you put some attractive offers, customers likely to fill the appointment bar. The question arises what should be an offer, where it should be, according to your customer’s mindset it should be located to the perfect place on your website. Medibrandox.com is an expert in this part.

If your website does not have a “book an appointment” option, you should revamp your website with Medibrandox.

Reason 6

Revamp, If you don’t have Social Media Share Buttons & Subscription Box

If you don’t use social media share buttons on your website, you are loosing so much traffic. Allow people to share your content with others by a single click. Write beneficial content and engage people to share your content with their friends.

Put the subscription box into the website. For making a good mailing list, smart bloggers can pay thousands of dollars. Mail is only the best method at an online place which gives the highest conversion. You should not miss this opportunity. You should always try to acquire customer’s subscriptions and mail them when you update something new on your website.

Medibrandox helps to expand your mailing list by healthcare digital marketing and put subscription box, and social media share buttons for allowing people to share your website.

Reason 7

Revamp, If your website is not “Call to Action”

Decide whether your website is a “call to action” website or an informational one. People make a website full of promotion of their services.

“Everyone likes to buy however Noone wants to be sold.”

Remember this tagline. Therefore try to familiarize people and help them with your product or service. People buy benefits, not products or services. Your website should consist of “how you can help your customer”. If you do this work smartly, you won’t be having competition and you will become a competition for others. Mark my words and use this tip. 

We have shared with you the top 7 reasons why you should revamp your healthcare website after deep research and a decade of experience. Please share it with friends, and family and help others.