Doctor is looking for Professional website development company in Singapore

Doctor is looking for Professional website development company in Singapore
12 Jul 2019

I am a Singapore based doctor who was looking for a professional web development company for building my healthcare portal. Few years back, I hired a freelance designer to create a website for my clinic. But, I wasn’t too happy with the final result. Although, my website has been up and running for quite some time, it has failed to provide me with desired results. I have neither been able to increase my patient count,nor has my website’s ranking gone up on Google. Is it a good idea to hire another website development company

Well, an increasing number of doctors in Singapore feel that their existing healthcare websites need an overhaul. In fact, many believe that by creating a powerful website for their practice, they can drive business growth and profits. Healthcare firms and practitioners in Singapore have come to realize that their medical website is the key to growing their practice and business. In fact, numerous research reports, prepared by leading research agencies have come to the same conclusion i.e. today patients perform an online search before choosing their healthcare practice or doctor. Patients are increasingly using the internet to find health related information as well as to research more about the doctor or healthcare firm that can cure their disease/ailment.

So, if you are a doctor looking for a professional website development company for Healthcare in Singapore then MediBrandOx is certainly a great choice. Below, discover the advantages of MediBrandOx’s website development services for medicals Industries.

Helps You to Build Trust and Credibility among Patients

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an experienced Medical web development service providing company such as MediBrandOx is visible in the form of increased trust and credibility among patients. The highly experienced and professional Healthcare website developers at the agency help doctors in Singapore to build a healthcare website that offers plenty of information about their education, memberships and credentials. They assist Singapore based doctors in establishing credibility among patients by displaying key information such as the awards won by them, their certifications and media coverage, number of patients they have treated successfully and their ability to offer different types of medical services/treatment. The web development specialists at MediBrandox also include biographies of the doctor as well as the staff members to build trust among patients.


Quality Content for Website

Quality content is the key to building a website and a healthcare portal is no different. The web Designing professionals at MediBrandOx focus on creating the best quality and informative healthcare content for Doctors, Medicals, Dental Clinics in Singapore. They provide detailed explanation and description about their medical procedures/services, which in turn, makes it easier for patients to find them.

Improve Your Online Visibility and Patient Count

The web development service providers at MediBrandox focus on creating a powerful website that is fully functional and rich in features. Right from including your contact details to integrating Google map as well as online appointment modules, registration forms etc. they focus on every single aspect of healthcare website designing and development that helps you to improve your patient count and online visibility.