Are you an Oncologist? Important Things to remember while making a website for Oncologist

Are you an Oncologist?  Important Things to remember while making a website for Oncologist
20 May 2020

Did you know that more than 228 million users have access to the web through computers and mobile devices? If you are an oncologist, you may definitely know the importance of having a website to attract more patients. It is because not having a website is affecting practices widely. So, there is no other option rather than jumping on the bandwagon of healthcare website design in India.

Chris Efessious from Network for Oncology Communication and Research has said at an annual meeting that 68% of people use the web for information and news, 50% for entertainment and movies, 56% for travel, and 46% for medicine and health info.

Mr. Efessious, Boron LePore Digital Communications, added, ”your patients already know about your office before they actually get there.” This way, your website can set your oncology office ahead from others with some important elements like your practice’s information, welcome page, patient support, services, and contact info, which is most important.

Mr. Efessious added, “A lot of website owners overlook this important part. A good website should also gather information along with giving details out. Digital scheduling and online patient surveys can bring back the patient information. This way, patients can easily book appointments online. It makes controlling schedules very easy if some days are off for online booking.

Connect with other MDs

A web page is also a great tool to boost sales as it can give access to important information about the patients to colleagues and physicians. You can also use a mailing distribution list to keep referring physicians informed about practice updates and latest news. You can also set up password-protected, private chat rooms where your staff can meet for morning routines online.

Help Your Patients

It is very important to use the webpage wisely to give more presence to the practice and make it stand out among others. It is not important to make it a billboard. You can use a webpage to conduct online sessions for patient education. For example, registration and information page where one can get the time-table of sessions.

There are certain areas where you can post bulletin boards or FAQ sections to deliver information in other ways. In the “Ask the Doctor” area, you can give some pause to your audience. If you have a vast cancer treatment practice, you can go for this idea.

It is also true that the questions patients and their oncologists discuss behind the doors about their own problem is a lot different from what you can find on the web. So, you need to answer only general questions that are widely asked. Smart doctors consider it as an extension of what they have been doing over the years. You need to use it well because a lot of marketers are already using it.


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