10 Best Trends For Healthcare Website Designing

10 Best Trends For Healthcare Website Designing
20 Nov 2019

Without a doubt, for medical practitioners, specialists, or allied health professionals having a website is inevitable. But, in this modern era of advanced technology, simply opting for a healthcare site is not enough. You can never attract patients with dull outdated web designs. It's critical to attract: to grab their attention, offers an engaging experience, and ensure that they get converted.

To make this process even simpler and more effective, several trends have cropped up, and the top 10 among them are:

1. 100% Responsive Healthcare Web Design

Having a responsive website is no longer a choice, but rather a necessity. Picture this, about 70% of potential patients are performing an online search to discover the best doctor, surgeon, or healthcare professional and while they do this, your website does not get listed or is not compatible with the device that they are using. The result- you end up losing a bright opportunity to generate new patients. So, the first trend that is found in the best healthcare web design is 100% responsiveness.

2. Easy Search and Navigation System

If patients visit a medical website then they are most likely looking for essential information. This means the hospital website design must offer the resource in an ergonomic and convenient navigation bar. Never force the patients to search for too long, as this not only deteriorates UX but also affects the reputation of the healthcare business too.

3. Interactive and Animated Elements

Animations in web designs came into existence only a few years ago, yet it remains to be one of the most important trends. Various interactive elements combined with the beauty of animation enhance user interaction with different web pages and keep them connected for a long period.

4. Neutral Shades of Colour

Though it's a good idea to use bold & vibrant colors for certain web designs, today healthcare website designs are all about the neutral palette. Such shades of color have a positive psychological impact on the visitor, making them feel calm and most importantly improving their confidence on the site.

5. Minimalism (Flat Design

Based on the concept of simplicity and informative content- minimalism is another exceptional trend where the site gets rid of unwanted elements and uses flat and as simple as possible. These sites are known for small formats that are quick to load, not to mention the fact that the visitors get to focus on nothing but high-quality content.

6. Smart Video

Everyone loves videos, so why should healthcare websites stay far behind? Though incorporating videos is an exceptional move, still, they must be well thought of. This can be better explained as smart videos- having a meaning and purpose.

7. Actionable Data

The healthcare website is not just a marketing platform. Above all, it helps patients in every phase of treatment. This is the reason why another common trend is to make sure that the design caters to the use of actionable data. It can be anything including which doctor to book for an appointment when to visit, what tests should be taken, and so on.

8. Creative Site Grid

A new and fascinating trend for healthcare website design companies is the use of the non-standard grid. This adds a unique touch to the site and makes it even more appealing than before.

9. Adhering to WCAG Guidelines

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) by World Wide Web Consortium emphasize meeting the needs of people having disabilities. It is indeed a relevant aspect today and has become a part of the medical website design trend too.

10. User-Centric Healthcare Website Design

Last and perhaps the most important trend that every medical website designer comprehends is a site designed for the healthcare industry should always have an intuitive design focused on the patients and their specific needs.

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