2020 Healthcare Industry Change in The Middle East

2020 Healthcare Industry Change in The Middle East
14 May 2020

The Healthcare sector in /the Middle East is witnessing rapid growth and its commitment to constant progress and improvement will take it forward by leaps and bounds than where it is at present. If we talk about changes or factors affecting the growth and development of the healthcare industry in the Middle East, there are many factors to be considered. According to marketing experts at healthcare digital marketing agencies, the use of the latest technology, therapies, and extensive healthcare marketing across the region are some of the factors which are giving a massive boost to the healthcare industry in the Middle East.

Let us consider those factors one by one.

1. Technology: A major contributing factor to take the healthcare industry in the Middle East up to the mark of AED 103billions is technology. According to experts in medical marketing in the region, the use of responsive websites, chatbots, and similar smart computer analytics has increased the efficiency of the healthcare industry by many folds. Apart from that artificial intelligence is playing an important role in the treatment of the patients in the Middle East.

2. Innovative therapies: The Middle East and especially UAE have achieved a breakthrough in using the most innovative and latest therapies. Lately, doctors in UAE announce use of stem cell therapy in the treatment of arthritis. These stem cells are injected directly into the joints to eliminate the need for further surgery. Doctors are also working on treatment of blind patients using stem cell therapy. These innovative technologies are attracting patients from across the globe to the Middle East.

3. Medical Tourism: According to a renowned healthcare marketing agency UK, increased medical tourism is a major change in the healthcare industry in the Middle East. Simpler visa process, representation of UAE as an attractive medical destination, use of latest medical technology, and strong connectivity with the world are some major reasons contributing to increased medical tourism in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia.

4. Investment by the government: It will be interesting to note that in 2020, government investments in the healthcare industry in the Middle East are expected to reach US$ 144 Billion. Huge investment in infrastructure, use of latest technology, import of both skills and technology as well as investment in research and development sectors are some reasons why Middle Easy is flourishing as a healthcare industry hub.

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