Leads Generation for Healthcare and Medicals Industries

Leads Generation for Healthcare and Medicals Industries
30 Jul 2019

I am a healthcare practitioner in Singapore struggling to find enough leads for my business. I hired a lead generation company to generate more leads for my healthcare practice, but I am not too satisfied with their services. Is there any way in which I can generate higher number of leads for my business?

Well, the healthcare business in Singapore is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, it has tremendous opportunities for new healthcare entrants that are looking to enter the Singapore healthcare space. That’s because personal healthcare expenses in the country is likely to go up from 7.97 US dollars in the year 2013 to 28 US billion dollars in 2030. This clearly implies that healthcare practitioners in Singapore have ample opportunities to grow and steer their business on the path of success.

According to a several online researches, 73 percent of patients rely on search engines to choose a healthcare practitioner, whereas 89 percent of them use the internet to solve their health related queries. Hence, hospitals, medical firms, clinics, doctors, surgeons and even medical equipment companies that are looking to generate higher number of leads for their business must focus on effective lead generation strategies to find more patients/customers for their business.

Reliable and Distinct Lead Generation Strategies for Healthcare Businesses in Singapore

Remember, lead generation strategies for healthcare practitioners and businesses require them to adopt a distinct approach in terms of understanding patient needs, conducting competitor analysis and most importantly finding ways to connect with target patients. While, there are many medical firms purchase leads for their medical business, it is best that you stay away from such pay per lead services, as they are highly expensive and not very trustworthy. Another huge problem with such services is that you don’t have any idea how they perform advertising to fetch you leads for your healthcare business.

This is exactly where you need to take a more reliable and distinct approach and focus on optimizing your medical website for generating enough leads. In fact, healthcare businesses in Singapore that need quality and genuine leads for their practice/hospital/clinic must hire

A reputed digital marketing agency such as MediBrandOx to find more patients for their medical business.

As one of the top digital marketing companies in Singapore, MediBrandOx offers best in class website design services, digital marketing services, local SEO services and social media marketing to assists medical firms.

The lead generation specialists at MediBrandOx help healthcare practices and practitioners to optimize their medical portal for generating quality and more leads. Right from building a secure and mobile optimized healthcare website to including SEO optimized and relevant content, the lead generation team at MediBrandOx strive to provide you with more leads for your business.

They focus on creating a website that is easy to find, navigate and more importantly simplifies the appointment booking process for patients. In fact, the lead generation specialists at MediBrandOx include photos/images/videos of you healthcare facility and integrate Google map as well as online bill payment module to facilitate your patients. They also conduct extensive SEO analysis and rely on local SEO to find more leads for your medical business.