Hospitals Digital Marketing - Dos and Dont's

Hospitals Digital Marketing - Dos and Dont
14 Jul 2020

With exponential growth and advancement in digital technology, it has become very important to sharpen their digital marketing tools and be upfront with each and every marketing technology. According to a survey out of eighty percent of adults online, seventy percent look for healthcare information. This data is evident enough to outline the importance of digital technology in healthcare marketing.

Looking at the importance of digital marketing in the healthcare sector, we have come up with some important dos and don’ts while making strategies for medical marketing.

Dos for hospital digital marketing!

1. Become a reliable source of information: According to experts in healthcare marketing UK, most people across the globe look online for their symptoms before actually going to the doctor. Whether it is a simple cold or pain in their stomach they will consult Google before a doctor. If you are presently online at that time with relevant and reliable information, they may or may not book an appointment with you but you will be successful in getting their attention. Informative blogs and new pieces on your website will register your presence in their minds and when the time comes they will definitely convert into potential clients.

2. Pay attention to consumerism: To date, many medical practitioners are shy of acknowledging running a hospital as a business. Whether you hate or love it, running a hospital is a business and you can succeed only when you handle it as one. Many healthcare digital marketing agencies are of the notion that consumerism should be the main focus of hospital marketing. The hospital marketing team should constantly work on increasing the convenience of the consumer both online and offline.

3. You will have to embrace mobile: If you still not have embrace mobile as a part of your health care digital marketing strategy and make your website responsive, then there is a high chance of you lagging behind in the race. Most people prefer booking an appointment over mobile phones rather than going through the cumbersome process on desktops.

Don’ts for hospital digital marketing!

1. Being reluctant for change won’t help: According to experts of healthcare marketing in Australia, the market is changing at a rapid pace and hospitals who will not accept the change and evolve with it will die a slow death. You should embrace the change with an open mind.

2. Embracing change doesn’t mean leaving old strategies: It is very important to understand that embracing changes never means you have to leave your old marketing practices completely. Reaching out to patients online and via emails is good but you can continue to practice your old methods of reaching out to them.

3. Privacy policies can’t be breached: Healthcare sector is a sensitive sector and you cannot disclose the identity of your patients or any other information regarding them just to advertise your services on your website or on social media. Never forget to take their due permission and fulfill all the formalities before using their name, picture, or case history as a part of your marketing campaign.

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