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Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


Give windgs to your healthcare brand

Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


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Is Revamping the Healthcare Website Necessary in 2023?
30 Dec 2022


No matter what field you operate in, your company's website is its public face. The key to success in the healthcare industry is updating your websites to meet your patient's needs better. Building a website will help inform potential consumers about you and your services.

Constructing a user-friendly website is a crucial step in winning patients' trust. Even though there are hundreds of reasons why the creator should update its websites, the following are the most important ones that will help your medical website stand out and get the respect it deserves.

There could be a thousand explanations for why your healthcare website needs an update.

  • 1. Revamp if your website needs to be planned. Website

You probably would need better ideas for your initial healthcare website. Even if it will take a while to figure out "what does your customer genuinely require on your website? If you could go back and do it all over again, your website would look and function very differently. You're going to make a well-organized website. Your website's design should consider your target audience's age, interests, occupation, income level, education level, and location.

  • 2. Revamp if your website is not User-Friendly, Clean & Clear

Since 2008, "Content is King" has been a staple of SEO conferences and workshops. Everyone seems to be focused on link building, yet the best SEOs are putting time and effort into their content. A significant factor in how you rank is your ON Page. Improved usability, a lower bounce rate, and higher CTR contribute to a higher absolute ranking. Some of the highest-ranking sites in the healthcare industry have yet to have a single incoming link. The layout of your website should be simple, with relevant content. When it comes to healthcare website design and content, the question of who can provide the best of both worlds emerges.

  • 3. Revamp if your website does not have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Your website is accessible from any device, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Your website, then, needs to be optimized with Accelerated Mobile Pages. Users are not patient, so you can't expect them to wait until your regular website loads on a mobile device. Seventy percent of all healthcare-related enquiries are made from mobile phones and other handheld devices. Fast websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and others have become the norm for online shoppers. Everyone wants instantaneous gratification, or at least results that look like they took a lot of time.

  • 4. Revamp if your website does not have 1-Click Quick Call & Chat Methods

Customers access the site via mobile and compact devices, as was previously said. Customers do not want to have to look up numbers or memorize spellings of numbers to make a phone call. They favor the easy-to-use 1-click dialing option. Communicating quickly with staff is an invaluable asset to any healthcare website. Customers prefer having short conversations for advice, basic enquiries, and appointment scheduling. Provide this option, and your clientele will be more involved.

  • 5. Revamp, if your website does not have the "Book an Appointment" option

Including a "book, an appointment" function in a healthcare website is crucial. It needs to be noticeable and exciting to get people to notice it. Customers are more likely to fill the appointment bar if you give incentives. It's natural to wonder what kind of offer is ideal and where it should be placed about your target audience on your website. MediBrandOx has lots of experience with this. You should update your site if it does not feature a "book an appointment" button.

  • 6. Revamp if you don't have Social Media Share Buttons & Subscription Box

You're missing out on many potential visitors by not including social media sharing buttons on your website. Make it possible for individuals to easily forward your material to others with just a click. Produce helpful articles and encourage readers to forward them along to their friends. Insert a subscription form onto your website. Smart bloggers are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a quality mailing list. When it comes to getting the best conversion rate, email is the only way to go. Not grabbing this chance would be a huge mistake. You should collect their mailing addresses if you want to keep in touch with your customers whenever you make changes to your website.

  • 7. Revamp if your website is not "Call to Action"

Determine whether your website's primary purpose is to inform visitors or encourage them to take action. People create websites that primarily serve to advertise that people's services. Everyone enjoys making purchases, but nobody wants to be marketed to. Always keep this slogan in mind. Consequently, it is in your best interest to introduce individuals to your service and assist them in using it. Advantages, not features, are what consumers look for when making a purchase. If you execute this work efficiently, you won't have any rivals, and others will have to work harder to keep up with you. Remember this advice; it's invaluable.

  • 8. Greater Integration with Electronic Health Records

Lack of compatibility with current EHR systems is cited as a barrier to the widespread adoption of telehealth services. This is beginning to change, and by 2023 we anticipate a more seamless integration of EHRs. Due to this, care professionals will have quicker access to patient information, appointment scheduling, and care coordination. As a bonus, patients may access their health records from any device, making monitoring their health and making necessary adjustments easier.

  • 9. Navigation

Redesigning a website should prioritize usability in addition to aesthetics. Without user-friendliness, even the most stunning aesthetics and informative content are useless. Most people will only bother sticking around if they work enough to navigate your site, so make it as easy as possible to discover what they're after. You can make your homepage a tad longer if doing so will improve readability and highlight key sections of text. The goal is to try new things and keep testing to see what works best in terms of usability and overall success.


Warning signs that your website isn't meeting its primary objective of attracting medically-related site visitors should prompt you to adjust to meet your clientele's needs better. In the present day and age, when everything is getting digital. Everything from instructing, playing games, retailing, shopping, dancing, filing entry forms, and scheduling medical appointments. It is essential to work on your medical website to make it look appealing to your valued patients.

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