MediBrandOx, a healthcare web development agency completes 2 years of its inception

MediBrandOx, a healthcare web development agency completes 2 years of its inception
06 Sep 2021

Bringing a complete transformation in the domain of healthcare through their website development services, MediBrandOx successfully completes its 2 years run. Incepted two years back, the web development agency has curated a niche in the field of medical health care through its innovative and effective modern ways of connecting the medical fraternity to the common people, from the grass-root level. It has been a dream run for the company as they have been successfully managing to achieve what they dreamt of when the agency was initially launched.

MediBrandOx, a product of the parent agency iBrandOx was initially floated in order to help the medical fraternity explore the vast potential of the digital space and eliminate the challenges faced by the common citizens in order to get medical facilities including doctors and practitioners. The digital marketing agency through its website has made it very easy for people to get all sorts of healthcare-related services be it dentists, surgeons, nearby pharmaceuticals, or a nursing home that fits in your budget. MediBrandOx is credited with giving a complete makeover to the healthcare system and how it was consumed and perceived by the people. The agency has been a game-changer and a boon to both doctors, clinic owners and as well as their customers.

Through its effective web development and digital marketing services that specialize and focus on healthcare, they have aided a lot of medical facilities in creating a customized website for them which has been successful in establishing them as a credible brand in their respective segments. Not only this, but through a plethora of services like SMO, SEO Marketing, and PPC Marketing, MediBrandoX has helped them by connecting a large number of clients or patients with their brand which has eventually led to a surge in their revenue graph.

As the world looks towards the internet for all their queries, it was very important for these people from the medical fraternity who are not very tech-savvy to take their business online, and with MediBrandOx at the realm of the affairs, they have been successful in doing so. The web development agency, through its strategically designed software solutions, has helped doctors, dentists, surgeons, and physicians in their process of operation, competence, and services. Loaded with a team of experts, the company has designed some of the best healthcare websites which have helped people in getting an early appointment of the doctors as well as getting medicines which they won’t find easily in the market.

Gushing with Joy on marking 2 years of MediBrandOx, Rachit Chakarwarty, Founder and CEO of the agency says “It is a very emotional moment for me as my efficacious team and I have worked days and nights to make MediBrandOx reach the heights it is at today. When we decided to launch it, we were only focused on how to help the medical fraternity connect with the new age of the internet but slowly as we progressed forward, we understood that we can be the change-maker in a way that can help people in arranging easy access to doctors, nursing home, medicines, diagnostic centres etc.”

“Through our bespoke web development and digital marketing services, we have helped doctors and practitioners in setting up their websites and applications. It has made it easy for them to serve their patients and eventually establish themselves as the credible face in their segment and this gives me a sense of satisfaction. I am hopeful that we as a company will keep on growing and will further explore the areas in which we envisage to leave a footprint”,  he further adds.

MediBrandOx, a Gurgaon-based bespoke web development agency has without a doubt earned a credible reputation in the eyes of doctors, surgeons, nursing homes, and pharmaceutical owners. By creating effective web development solutions and helping them in building a trustable solid brand around them, the company has indeed revolutionized the healthcare system of the country. By achieving so much success in a span of mere two years, one can surely say MediBrandOx has a long and bright way ahead.