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Give windgs to your healthcare brand

Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


Give windgs to your healthcare brand

Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


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What Makes MediBrandOx the Fastest Growing Healthcare Web Development Company in UK?
16 Dec 2022

Technology has advanced rapidly, and several industries are finding it difficult to keep up with the pace and adopt these new concepts following a full integration with the existing infrastructure. One such industry is healthcare. We all know how fast the medical industry is developing in terms of studies about diseases, new vaccinations, equipment and tools for treatments, and so on. However, the success rate is almost minimal when the same thing is about digital transformation or the adoption of technologies related to the IT department.

There are several reasons which IT projects concerning the healthcare industries either end up being a complete failure or do not yield the expected results. This is why most healthcare website development companies in the UK collaborate with healthcare businesses and device plans and workflows before the actual work.

However, the art of designing and developing the healthcare website, deploying the codes in the server, maintaining and securing the datasets, and offering an excellent user experience involves months of effort and time which is scarce when we consider the medical industry.

Why can healthcare website development projects not achieve success?

There is a plethora of reasons supporting the fact that healthcare website development projects end up being a failure or yield results that do not meet the expectations by any chance. Listing down and evaluating every reason is impossible because healthcare businesses encounter different problems and the solutions are versatile. That's why healthcare businesses should address the common problems related to the IT sector and find solutions for those issues.

In this section below, we have listed some of the problems that need immediate addressing from the healthcare industry because these hamper the services and the user experience on a large scale.

Less time for planning and implementation

One of the main reasons why healthcare website development projects become a failure is less time for planning and implementation. First, there is almost no collaboration between healthcare experts and IT professionals. As a result, when a health care business hands over the project to the IT company, they either have to orchestrate the entire workflow by their speculations or spend time gathering the business requirements.

Out of these two options, the latter is never preferred, so developers get very little time to develop an innovative solution and implement the same in the existing infrastructure of the healthcare business. Therefore, the developed website cannot yield the expected results.

No use of expertise during ideation

This goes both ways. When the healthcare company has to plan the entire layout of the website or the functions they want, they do not take any help from IT professionals. Similarly, when the IT team has to orchestrate the SDLC workflow and develop the software, they do not reconcile with the client to ensure that the overall work is according to the business requirements.

As a result, there is a huge gap between the original requirement of the healthcare business and its developed website. Bridging this gap becomes impossible in real-time, leading to the complete failure of the project.

Improper understanding of digital technology

People involved in the healthcare business do not understand digital technology much. For example, they don't understand how a website can be optimized both technically and non-technically for the search engine to get a higher rank and more visibility.

Similarly, they don't have any idea about the use of different JavaScript frameworks and their built-in features for increasing the performance and load time of the entire website. As a result of this knowledge gap, implementation of the healthcare website becomes more difficult because employees cannot work properly or express their concerns about the developed software in real time.

Besides, in most health care companies, employee training is almost zero, so it's quite difficult for them to understand the working of different software technologies integrated with the existing infrastructure.

Tendency to depend on legacy systems

We cannot deny that healthcare businesses depend on legacy systems or traditional work methods. For example, many employees find it easier to note the appointments in a diary or a notebook instead of using appointment scheduling software.

Similarly, many clinics still use paper-based patient bills instead of automatic invoice and billing software. Due to the hesitation in technology adoption, healthcare website development projects cannot achieve 80% success, let alone 100%.

How can MediBrandOx solve the problems for healthcare companies in the UK?

MediBrandOx healthcare website development company has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its innovative solutions, versatile services, on-time deliveries, and tailored approaches according to the business. The professionals are talented and skilled in their domains, understand the pain points of the healthcare businesses, and devise strategies to address these issues.

With MediBrandOx, a healthcare company can easily develop software programs like teleconsultation modules, automated appointment scheduling software, general healthcare website, health tracking applications, etc.

In addition, the professionals also offer support and maintenance once the project is live to ensure the healthcare business can easily handle real-time problems. These are reasons why this web development company in the UK for the healthcare industry has earned such a market reputation.


Hiring a website development company for your healthcare business is not the ultimate solution. Instead, you need our company which can offer you tailor-made solutions according to the business requirements and understand the pain points you and your employees are facing. MediBrandOx is a company that pays attention to its clients and adopts different approaches to understand the exact business requirements.

Why is website development important for a healthcare business?

With the help of a healthcare website, doctors, stakeholders, and other employees working at hospitals, clinics, lab centres, and several other organizations associated with the industry can easily reach out to more patients and improve the patient experience.

Is digital marketing equally important for a healthcare website?
Yes, the digital marketing approaches will help the healthcare website gain the required exposure and visibility to attract more patients and keep them engaged for a long time.

Where to find the best healthcare website development company in the UK?
MediBrandOx is the best healthcare website development company in the United Kingdom that will help you take your business to the next level through an innovative and intuitive website.

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