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Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


Give windgs to your healthcare brand

Turning doctors into brands by making doctors smile :)


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What Makes MediBrandOx the Fastest Growing Healthcare Web Development Company in Canada?
05 Dec 2022

The medical industry has advanced a lot in recent years. Hospitals, clinics, lab research centers, and several other organizations have come to life. The entire industry has progressed a lot, thanks to digital transformation. Establishing websites, launching appointment scheduling applications, automatic billing and invoice generation services, and so on are some ways the healthcare industry has incorporated technological adoption within its infrastructure.

Key features to include in a healthcare website or app

To make the most out of digital innovation and technology adoption, you need to ensure the healthcare website or web application has some key features. These are restricted to the healthcare industry and can easily take your business to the next level, enabling you to offer an excellent user experience and take care of your patient details with ease.

In this following section, we have explained some of the major features, you need to include in the healthcare website or application without fail.

  • User profile creation and management

One of the most important features of the healthcare website you need to consider is user profile creation and management. The admin team must be able to create user profiles based on the inputs fed into the system once the patient provides all the details.

Apart from this, user profile management is also important. From deleting old and obsolete profiles to updating the profile details on customer requests, the website should allow your admin team to perform different activities with ease.

  • Appointment module

Another important module that healthcare website development agencies like MediBrandOx can include in the website or the web app for your healthcare company is the appointment module. It will help you schedule the patient appointments automatically by entering a few details.

You won’t have to enter the address, phone number details, email ID, and other information about the patient because all the data pieces will be fetched directly from the database. It will also allow you to work on booking cancellations, re-scheduling, advanced booking, and so on.

  • Online tele consultation

To enhance the user experience, you need to collaborate with the best teleconsultation website development company like MediBrandOx. Online teleconsultation will give doctors more leverage to connect with other patients and provide optimal service. Here, a consultation will take place over video calls, and the recording will be stored on the company's database for future reference.

  • Search module

The search module will help you to find something easily without having to scroll down the entire page or surf through the glossary or specialty page. You can also easily search for the patient or doctor's name with an integrated search management system.

This module searches for anything you will enter in the text bar. Apart from this, you can add a dropdown feature to set your search category, like a patient, doctor, vendor, and so on.

  • Third-party payment module

You also need to include a payment module that will help you direct all bills and invoices easily. It should include an invoice generator for the vendors who supply you with pharmacy medicines, lab equipment units, and so on.

Apart from this, the payment section should have an automatic bill generation module with a built-in template. Ensure it is highly secured so you won't have to worry about accepting payments from online wallets, or credit, and debit cards.

  • Push notifications and reminders

The website or web application should be able to send push notifications to the users right on time. It can be reminders to remind them about the upcoming consultation or the date.

This way, your executive team won’t need to call every patient individually and remind them of the booking. Similarly, if somehow you are forced to cancel the appointment, the confirmation notification should reach your device.

  • Treatment and lab report update module

Last but not least, you also need to include the treatment and lab report modules. This will contain all the lab report files, surgical information, prescriptions, and other documents submitted by the patients or directly uploaded to the main server by the doctors and the hospital labs.

How can MediBrandOx help you with the online healthcare website?

Although there are so many different website development companies on the market, MediBrandOx has become the top-rated in Canada. This company has been offering excellent solutions to healthcare businesses for a decade.

From developing a healthcare website to adding new features and modifying the entire website, there are so many things that the company can do for your company. This is why you should collaborate with it to launch the best website that will represent your physical business perfectly.

Below are reasons why you should hire the MediBrandOx healthcare web development company.

  • First, the company offers a comprehensive solution to healthcare companies, like revamping the website, designing and building a new website, building a teleconsultation application, adding an appointment module, and so on.
  • It has a team of experts who will ensure the website solution is innovative and wonderful for your healthcare business. From an intuitive user interface to a highly secured payment gateway, there are several features the company will oversee.
  • The healthcare website development company is known for on-time deliveries of projects without any compromise on the performance of the software or its quality.


As the medical industry has advanced at such a high rate, partnering up with the best healthcare development company is imperative. MediBrandOx is one such name that has gained much popularity in recent years. Not only is it an expert in healthcare web development, but it also ensures it offers the most innovative solutions to companies.

Does MediBrandOx offer digital marketing services?

Yes, MediBrandOx offers excellent digital marketing services, from search engine optimization to social media marketing. Therefore, you won't have to worry about any problems in getting higher website visits, a greater number of generated leads, and so on.

How much time will it take to revamp an entire healthcare website?
The total time taken to revamp your existing healthcare website will vary on the website layout, the features that need modification, functions to be added to the software, and so on.

How to determine if you need to upscale the healthcare website?
If you are getting lesser traffic or lower lead generation, low conversion ratio, higher bounce rate, and so on, you need to hire the best healthcare website company like MediBrandOx for upscaling the software solution.

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