End to End Healthcare Startup Solution by MediBrandox

End to End Healthcare Startup Solution by MediBrandox
21 Nov 2019

In this new age of the internet, healthcare professionals require a strong online presence to connect, communicate and convert (Three C's) potential patients. However, considering the rising competition, challenges of owning a website and busy schedule of doctors, surgeons, dentists, and allied health professionals- all of this seems like a difficult maze to solve! But, what if medical practitioners, hospitals and healthcare clinics could acquire the best of three C's from one fine platform? This is where the dynamic end-to-end healthcare startup solution by MediBrandox comes to the rescue.

Below is a roadmap that explains how MediBrandox lends a helping hand right from the initial development of medical website design, structuring a promising brand to expanding your presence via effective marketing campaigns and delivering consistent results.

1. Bespoke Website

With an aim to capture the attention of your patients in no time, 's team of competent best medical website designers creates custom designs that are true to your healthcare startup. Every aspect of the design is tailored from scratch by implementing unique, trendy and innovative ideas for immersive website experience. Interactive elements, appealing fonts, calming shades of colors and intuitive display, nothing would ever escape from your phenomenal healthcare website.

2. Initial Logo Branding/ Stationery Branding

Be it a private medical practitioner, therapist or hospitals and healthcare facilities, establishing a promising brand is of utmost importance, because

  • It offers a competitive edge and instantly sets you and your services apart from the crowd
  • It manifestation of the values that are represented, making your healthcare startup authentic
  • It is a reflection of who exactly are you as a healthcare service provider, it speaks volumes about integrity.

Experienced healthcare branding professionals from the house of MediBrandox, carry out in-depth research to analyze the core values, culture and essence of your healthcare business and create an exceptional healthcare logo that is a resemblance of the same.

3. Digital Marketing for Patients Lead Conversion

We don't simply end our work after creating a powerful website and delivering an eye-catching brand, rather this is where the second C i.e. communication begins via digital marketing. Profound healthcare digital marketers of MediBrandox engage patients and drive ongoing growth by implementing a full-proof healthcare digital marketing campaign based on:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): Social media platforms support physicians, improve engagement of patients and most importantly enhance health outcomes. MediBrandox effectively curtails SMM strategies including networking, community discussions, and promotion of information to target patients and ensure assured conversions.
  • Email Marketing: Executed for maximum ROI, the end-to-end healthcare digital marketing service by MediBrandox incorporates successful healthcare email marketing tactics too. From educational emails, CTAs to personalized emails, each one they are thoughtfully crafted to convert targeted audience in no time.
  • SEO Marketing: Increasing the quality & quantity of organic visitor traffic will never be an issue, as the marketers handle it responsibly by implementing Medical SEO marketing techniques. Even with clinics/hospitals or doctors with several service lines can achieve a higher position in the search engine results page (SERP) so that patients can find your healthcare startup instantly.

    4. Maintenance of Website

Having a successful medical website is an ongoing process, and the dedicated experts of MediBrandox are there with you at every step offering constant upgrades, daily, monthly & quarterly traffic statistics and analysis, external & internal link verification and content management systems (CMS). Apart from these various changes that occur in the healthcare facility such as new medical procedures and services, staff contact information for appointment scheduling, billing or insurance, office policies and upcoming announcements about practice are updated too.

Gone are those days when hospitals, healthcare facilities or private medical startups had to struggle with development, branding, medical marketing and maintenance of their site! Trust comprehensive end-to-end healthcare startup solutions by MediBrandox and witness the difference it can make.