Why is it Difficult to Do Digital Marketing for Clinic Website?

Why is it Difficult to Do Digital Marketing for Clinic Website?
17 Oct 2019

The marketing for clinic websites needs skill, mindset, strategy, action plan, and analysis. However, a doctor has many things to do in their field. Therefore it becomes harden part to do marketing in tough competition in the healthcare industry. Check below difficulties, why it is hardened to do digital marketing clinical website?

Higher Competition - There are many competent directories available for clinics, and hospitals like Justdial, Practo, etc. Even at the regional level, there are many directories available by cities. Directories are like giants. Directories owners invest too much money on SEO, Digital Marketing, and Advertising.

High A Fee of Listing - Directories give free and paid listing. As “clinic search results” always matter to a doctor, therefore directories charge ‘high premium’ every year to stable their listing.

Fewer Searches for a Clinic - Digital Marketing for Clinics is a hardened part. People search via “disease treatment” not by “clinic”, therefore treatment comes up in the search results. However, at the clinic websites, website developers put content regarding doctor and clinic facilities, not about treatment.

Higher Advertising Cost - One has to pay higher PPC marketing for clinic websites. Therefore most of the clinics never do advertising.

Less Social Engagement - The clinic has nothing to post on the social channels except their case studies. In general, people do not care about other’s treatment and case studies. People want to check their social accounts to entertain themselves not for infotainment. Therefore it makes a harden marketing clinic website.

Apart from all the constraints, Medibrandox.com copes the digital marketing clinic with innovation and technology-driven methods. Medibrandox helped so many doctors, physicians, hospitals, clinics to startup their website.

Clinic Website

One can get a beautiful clinic website with clear navigation, blogs, contact maps, and contact numbers. The website keeps all the information which attracts patients and help patients.


The most vital part of marketing is to come up with top results while searching. It happens when the marketer has a decade of knowledge of the search engine’s behavior. Technicals of “ON Page SEO” keeps website user-friendly and Google friendly. Medibrandox is specialized in this area.

Social Media Activity

Startups need much engagement in social media to popularize themselves. The correct method only leads to winning. According to Pareto Method, 20% of things give 80% results. Medibrandox knows what 20% is requisite for a marketing clinic?

Press Releases & Advertisements

For marketing clinics, press releases give a vital impact on one’s mind. And advertisements should be having some proof. Do professionals infer what press release is needed to uplift a brand name?

Local Optimization

In general, the clinic serves up for few kilometers. This part of the marketing clinic is essential. Here, Google local listing, directories listing, local marketing, local advertisement, local social engagement, local press releases helps to grow a clinic and increase their ‘market value’.

Online Reputation

This part is all in all for the marketing clinic. High reputation leads to increment in patients whereas low reputation or no reputation leads to nowhere. Medibrandox can increase one’s online reputation. 

In conclusion, ‘marketing clinic’ is not a casual endeavor to do. It needs patience, mindset, experience, professionalism, and dedication. All qualities can be obtained with the professionals of Medibrandox.com.