Tips to Create an Effective Website for an Orthopedic Surgeon

Tips to Create an Effective Website for an Orthopedic Surgeon
28 Jan 2022

The Healthcare sector is a domain that is constantly evolving. Not only by means of new discoveries and technological advancement but also by making medical facilities available to the remotest corners of India. All thanks to ‘Digitisation’ which played a crucial role in the evolution of the healthcare sector. MediBrandox, a Gurgaon-based Healthcare Web Development agency has contributed significantly to this positive change by creating unique, goal-oriented, and results-driven websites for a plethora of doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and nursing homes. Orthopedics, one who specializes in the musculoskeletal system - the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles have been in the forefront to adapt to this digital age change.

In this blog, MediBrandox, the best website development and redesigning agency in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR will try to answer a few FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to why and how to create an effective website for an orthopedic surgeon.

Which type of website should you opt for, Bespoke or Template?

Before you proceed, you must know that there are basically two types of websites. Bespoke and a Template- the former unlike the latter, is a completely customized type of website and comes with a plethora of options. Being an orthopedic surgeon, you need to identify whether you want a website on a regular template theme which will give you a limited option as compared to the bespoke website in which you can add/edit various new features. If you have a wide range of services to offer, we would suggest you go for the bespoke website, which will be a bit expensive but will give you the privilege to elevate your brand through the addition of features like social media links and blogs that makes your website unique.

How do patients benefit from your websites?

An effective website not only helps you with the generation of revenue and portrays you as a top-notch brand in the domain but it also helps your patients significantly. Your website is basically your catalog in a way and patients seeking treatment of their bone disorder, fracture, and ligament tear can get an appointment fixed within a matter of a few clicks. Not only this, they can get an idea of your services and charges for each one of them all on your website and accordingly plan to get themselves treated. Moreover, testimonials on your website will give your potential patient an idea of what it would feel like to be treated by you and what is the success rate.

What makes your website an effective and unique one?

Just creating a website won’t serve you the purpose as there are lakhs of websites on the WWW. Your web development agency needs to ensure every aspect while creating a site for you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the things which increase your online visibility and makes you appear on top of the search results, so the agency should create an SEO-friendly website for you. Apart from SEO, there are several factors like page loading speed, mobile-friendly, and spam score which determine the quality of websites. When patients are looking for treatment, it is likely that they will search for you on your smartphone rather than on their desktop or laptop. It is important for you to keep your website mobile-friendly as if your site takes time to load, it is likely that people will click the back button, resulting in a loss of a potential customer.

What are the must-have segments on your website’s homepage?

A homepage is the most important page on your website as it is the first page of your site as well as it portrays your site. Having a detailed segment of things makes your site unique. Being an orthopedic surgeon, you must have a detailed bio about yourself highlighting your educational and working background. Make sure information is there but don’t include unnecessary life history as no one has time to read everything. Apart from this, have segmented sections of your services and links to their pages. This will give visitors an idea of all those services. Booking an appointment and query are also the features that you must put into making things easy for your potential customer. Moreover, testimonials are something which you should think about as they will bring a sense of confidence in your people who are willing to opt you for the treatment.

Why should MediBrandox be the preferred choice for you as an orthopedic surgeon to go ahead with your site?

MediBrandox, unlike the other players in the domain, only specializes in creating websites for the healthcare domain. They, through their professional services and dedicated supporting staff, have created some of the best-rated websites for a lot of doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, nursing homes, and small clinics. Not just Website Development, the agency also has expertise in Website Redesigning, Website Maintenance, SEO Marketing, and Logo Designing. The Gurugram based Digital Marketing agency has served some of the leading orthopedics all over the country. Through content and SEO marketing, they help you increase your Google ranking and establish you as a rock-solid brand. Apart from this, they also have long experience in helping doctors and surgeons in boosting their social media presence which is an important platform to build your brand.