Dental Clinic Website Cosmodent India has been redesigned by MediBrandox

Dental Clinic Website Cosmodent India has been redesigned by MediBrandox
28 Aug 2021

What is website revamping?

Website revamping is considered a cost-effective method if you wish to make changes to your website. Website revamping is essential to maintain the website according to the latest technology to improve the efficacy of the services you provide via the website. Poor web structure and poor web designs can affect the dignity of your company as well as it can affect the traffic towards your site. If your web design is outdated you can hire the best experienced Medibrandox to make your website an updated one.

Why website revamping is important in the digital era?

  • You can make your website an updated one with new features and visual characters.
  • You can personalize your site which suits your company.

You can improve the features of your website by improving the above-mentioned features. Website revamping can improve the visibility of your website to the target population where you can bring relevant traffic to the site. Search engines update their algorithm. So we need to revamp our website to be compatible with these changes.

The majority of the world's population spends most of their time on online platforms, so they seek quick and easy services via digital platforms. As a digital marketing strategy has become the best solution in branding our business, you can provide the best experience to your customers by making your site a user-friendly one.

Dental Website Cosmodent India has been redesigned by MediBrandox

Cosmodent was an Indian dental website, where was revamped according to the latest updated features. Cosmodent is now performing as a user-friendly site where they provide the best experience to their clients. The layout and the content of the website were updated within a short period and this revamping is an inexpensive strategy to improve your digital marketing.

After revamping, the clients were able to place their appointments easily as there is an option called ‘place an appointment’. The new video concept which was introduced during the revamping has involved greatly in increasing the traffic towards the site. Because this has given a good impression to the visitors about the overall services. We made this as the trending and the leading service for dental implants. According to the statistic results, the impressions has increased more than 500%.

What is the difference between website revamping and redesigning?

Revamping and redesigning are two different strategies done for a single purpose. The final goal is to improve the engagement of your website to improve your business. In redesigning the whole concept is created again and this takes more time and is expensive. In the revamping, the website navigations are kept constant and the website is updated with the latest features and elements. Revamping is considered cost-effective and a method that saves time.

Why Good Online presence becomes important after Covid?

During the covid pandemic, a huge revolution happened within the digital market and e-commerce field. As people start living within a frame, they start exploring the world via online strategies. Most of the people got new opportunities via online platforms. During the lockdown seasons, people start online purchasing to fulfill their requirements. As more people search online services, the companies wanted to market their business using digital marketing strategies. So they understand that the online presence of their company is the best solution to move with the current demand. But these companies need the best healthcare digital marketing agency to hire. Medibrandox is the super-qualified digital marketing agency that you can hire for revamping a website.