The 5 Best Dental Clinics in India

The 5 Best Dental Clinics in India
29 Aug 2019

Dental health problems can leave a patient annoyed and exhausted to the core. As a result, patients who have little to no knowledge about their dental complications search for the best dental clinics and practitioners to get rid of their painful and disturbing dental health conditions. At MediBrandox, we undertook the daunting task of performing in-depth research to identify the top-performing dental clinics in India. Though we provide dental website design and development solutions, we resolved to prepare a list of the best dental practices in India. Below, take a look at the 5 best dental clinics that made it to our list.

Cosmodent India: The first clinic on our list is Cosmodent India that features highly sophisticated facilities and a highly experienced team of dental practitioners capable of providing a comprehensive range of dental services such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and root canal treatments among others advanced dental procedures. The clinic has a presence in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore and has successfully helped thousands of patients in dealing with their dental problems. With over 12 years of experience in treating hundreds and thousands of patients, the dental clinic is ideal for anyone who needs emergency or long-term solutions for their dental health complications.

Clove Dental: Clove Dental clinic is another dental clinic that is renowned for offering adequate care and treatment to patients. The clinic has a presence in over 300 locations and 26 different cities in India. Every month Clove Dental treats more than 30,000 patients by providing them with a wide range of dental solutions such as dental fillings, wisdom teeth removal, dentures and more.

DENTALWIZ City Point Dental Care: Located in Pune, the DentalWiz City Point Dental Care dental clinic ranks in the top 90 list of the best dental clinics around the globe. The clinic specializes in offering a host of dental solutions such as restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, crowns/veneers procedures and more.

DENTAFIX Multispecialty Clinic: Based in Chandigarh, the dental practice focuses on providing enhanced customer experience and best in class dental services to patients in India. The clinic offers cosmetic, preventive as well as restorative dentistry services to treat patients effectively.  Dentafix offers its patients a clean and hygienic environment and cutting edge technologies as well as facilities.

Sparks Dental Care: This Chennai based dental practice has been at the forefront of providing dental surgeries to patients in India. Established in the year 2007, the clinic boasts of multi-disciplinary dental practitioners and adequate facilities for treating patients with a wide variety of dental health issues.

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